Tyrann Mountains

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"Nobody wants to bail out into a mountain of ice. We're counting on you, flight leader."
Larry Foulke[2]

The Tyrann Mountains[3] are an expansive mountainous region located on the eastern border of Ustio, northeast of Directus. Throughout history, the Tyrann Mountains have been both a popular vacation destination and the site of numerous border disputes.[4] The Ustio Air Force's remote Valais Air Base is located in the region.


A panoramic view of the mountains

In terms of its height, the Tyrann Mountains are relatively short, with an average altitude of 3,000 meters (~9,800 feet) above sea level. The tallest peak, Monte Rosa, exceeds 4,000 meters (~13,000 feet). Snow cover is permanent due to the elevation, and the area is dotted with massive glaciers that have carved deep valleys between the peaks. In modern times, the mountains' valleys have become a popular vacation destination for year-round recreational skiing.[4]


In ancient times, the Tyrann Mountains were used as a trade route between neighboring lands. As the Belkan Empire expanded, the mountain range became a major crossroads for pioneers settling the empire's outermost realms.[4] Over the centuries, a number of border disputes erupted over the mountains' natural resources—similar to the more recent disputes centered around Area B7R. This spawned a well known folkloric legend that states "crimson blood" from every historical battle in the region flows beneath the snow.[4] Valais Air Base was constructed in the Tyrann Mountains at some point to serve as a peacetime border patrol launch-point;[3] this implies that Valais may have taken part in battles throughout the mid- to late 20th century.

On May 12, 1988, Belka's southeastern territory, which includes the Tyrann Mountains, seceded to form the independent Republic of Ustio.[5] Valais consequently became a base for the fledgling Ustio Air Force; at some point during the Belkan War, Galm Team became stationed there.[6] On April 2, 1995, a squadron of Belkan Air Force bombers attempted to destroy Valais Air Base. However, Galm successfully intercepted and shot down all of the bombers and their escort fighters over the Tyrann Mountains, preventing any damage to the base.[1]



  • Monte Rosa (alternatively Mount Rose), the highest peak of the Tyrann Mountains, is a reference to the real Monte Rosa, the second-highest peak of the Swiss Alps.