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This page includes a transcript of "Annex", the second campaign mission of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.


We must regain control over Route 171, which runs through Arlon, to secure a transit route for our ground troops. There are bridges over this route, three over the Aare River, all heavily guarded by the Belkan Armored Corps. Securing this route is critical to Ustio's attack on the Belkan Forces. Destroy the Belkan ground units blocking passage along this route and secure this supply line between our forces and the Osean Army.

Mission Script


  • AWACS Eagle Eye: This is AWACS Eagle Eye to Galm.
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: The target is in formation along the highway. Commence the operation.
  • Pixy: Keep an eye on us up there, AWACS.
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: Belkan ground forces are blocking off our transport route. Destroy them all.

  • Belkan Army Platoon: Did those fighters come here from Ustio?
  • Belkan Army Platoon: They must be in a desperate situation. But there's no way we're giving up this place.

  • Pixy: This route is Ustio's lifeline. I'll get it back.

  • Pixy (Mercenary): Those houses are probably full of Belkan supplies. Better not take any chances.
  • Pixy (Knight or Soldier): Civilian houses are within the planned range of attack. Is...that part of the operation?

  • Pixy (Knight): I don't think Cipher wants to go through with this.
  • Pixy (Solider): Are we gonna crush those houses? It's up to you, you're the lead.
  • Pixy (Knight or Solider) if the player engages the houses: Looks like Cipher wants to do it.

  • Belkan Army Platoon: Where the hell are the reinforcements?
  • Belkan Army Platoon: Our communications have been cut off!

After the player destroys the first unit of targets

  • Belkan Army Platoon: Our first defense unit is down! All units, engage the Allied Forces!
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: The operation is proceeding smoothly. Eliminate the remaining forces.

  • Belkan Army Platoon: Didn't anyone request backup? Keep trying until we get a response!
  • Pixy: Things are gonna get tricky if reinforcements show up.

  • Pixy (if the player doesn't destroy the houses): The owners of those houses will probably be back once this war is over.
  • Pixy (if the player destroys the houses): I'm sure this fight will change the look of this place.

  • Pixy:They're in a panic down there. We just might be able to win this.

  • Pixy: Keep an eye out for SAMs. They're gonna give us all they've got.
  • Belkan Army Platoon: Here they come again! 3 o'clock!
  • Pixy: We gotta strike while the iron's hot!

After the player destroys second unit of targets

  • Belkan Army Platoon: Our second defense unit is down! How could this happen?! There're only a few enemy fighters up there!
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: There aren't many Belkan ground forces left. Continue operation.

  • Belkan Army Platoon: This supply route is their lifeline. Don't let them take it back!

  • Ruchs Transport Unit: Captain! There's smoke by the bridge! We're about to enter the battle zone.
  • Ruchs Unit Leader: I didn't come al this way to be stopped now. Hold tight, we'll cut right through!
  • Ruchs Unit Leader: Don't let your cargo get damaged. Come on, Ruchs Transport Unit, let's go!

  • Belkan Army Platoon: Do they intend to wipe out everything?

  • Pixy: They don't have enough firepower to hold us off. It's because they set up too many points of operation.

  • Pixy: Let's take care of business.

After the player destroys the last target

  • Belkan Army Platoon: Our platoon has been broken up. At this rate, we'll be picked off one by one!


  • AWACS Eagle Eye: Operation complete. Now the Allied Forces can secure a military transport route. Well done, Galm Team.
  • AWACS Eagle Eye: Looks like luck was on your side again today, Solo Wing.
  • Pixy: Yeah, well. I've had my fill of goin' home without wings.


The mission was a success. Passage along Route 171 has been secured. Thanks to you, Ustio will now be able to launch a counter-attack.