Eaglin Straits

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The Eaglin Straits are an important inland waterway on Osea's west coast that connects the Ceres Ocean to the inland Bennion Sea. Located northeast of St. Hewlett, the straits are a major economic and military shipping route for the Osean Federation.


The Eaglin Straits are a geological bottleneck between two promontories in the surrounding mountainous terrain. The straits are only a few kilometers wide and speckled with islands, indicating glaciation may have carved them in the distant past. Highway OS101[2] crosses the strait at its narrowest point and connects Bronstein in the north to Shelton in the south.[3]


Circum-Pacific War

On September 30, 2010, the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet sailed through Eaglin Straits to regroup in the Bennion Sea. Present were the fleet's three aircraft carriers: the Buzzard, the Vulture, and the Kestrel, which was a veteran of the Belkan War and the recent bombing of St. Hewlett. As the fleet proceeded into the inland sea, at 0930hrs, Yuktobanian aircraft ambushed the fleet, but were shot down by Osean escort fighters. The Scinfaxi then launched two burst missiles, which sank the Vulture and Buzzard and wiped out most of the Osean aircraft. The Kestrel survived unscathed, but the Osean air forces consequently withdrew to Heierlark Air Force Base in North Osea to rearm and refuel.[1]