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"This is Glitnir. I shut that stupid alarm clock."
― Glitnir infiltrating Stonehenge[1]

Glitnir is an Erusean agent who sabotaged the Osean surveillance vehicle being used to aim Stonehenge during Operation Dragon Breath.[1]


On August 19, 2019, Glitnir infiltrated Stonehenge to sabotage the Osean operation aiming to use the remaining Stonehenge turret to destroy Arsenal Bird Liberty.[1]

During his infiltration, Glitnir was forced to eliminate multiple students and civilians, whom the Osean Army was using as surveillance technicians. Due to Glitnir's efforts, the survey vehicle was unable to provide targetting data Stonehenge, forcing Osea to manually aim the railgun to shoot down Liberty.[1]

Ultimately, Stonehenge shot down the Arsenal Bird and Glitnir reported the mission's failure. Prior to exfiltrating the area of operation, Glitnir requested that Erusean intelligence inquires into rumors he heard regarding a "three-line marking".[1]


In Norse mythology, Glitnir is the dwelling place of the god Forseti, the divine equivalent of a human judge