Operation Scramble

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"I hope this guy's the real deal..."
― Omega 11[1]
"You'll find out if he is soon enough. Everyone will."
AWACS SkyEye[1]

Operation Scramble was a battle between the IUN-PKF and a resurgent Free Erusea.[1]


On May 28, 2014, the Peyton Peninsula radar site northwest of Fort Grays Island detected multiple unidentified aircraft, which had ignored all warnings from the IUN and made their way to the base at Fort Grays.[1]


Mobius, Omega and Viper Squadrons were immediately deployed to identify the aircraft, which were later identified as Free Erusean bombers and their escorts. In the ensuing battle, all Free Erusean forces were shot down.[1]


Following the battle, Free Erusea's motivations were investigated and all squadrons were placed on standby for future conflicts.[1]