Payton Channel

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The Payton Channel is a waterway located in eastern Usea, east of Comberth Harbor, that separates the continent's southeastern peninsula from the mainland. The channel allows maritime traffic to move unabated along Usea's eastern coastline.


The channel is surrounded by naval ports and urban areas. The terrain beyond the channel's western and eastern banks is mountainous and heavily forested.


Ulysses announcement

In April 1996, the Federation of Central Usea Navy aircraft carrier Fort Grays and the Aegis-cruiser Tea Time sailed north through Payton Channel after they were recalled to their home port of Waosun.[2]

Usean coup d'état


On April 29, 1998, Scarface Squadron was dispatched to intercept rebel aircraft headed for the Twinkle Islands to destroy the Usean Allied Forces' air base. After Scarface shot down all of the hostile aircraft in the area, they were engaged by Beast Squadron. Scarface ultimately emerged victorious and the operation was a success.[3]

Operation Alphaville

Later on August 13, Scarface was ordered to escort the 4th Fleet across the channel so that the warships could eliminate one of the rebels' bases. The escort mission was another success despite fierce resistance from rebel forces.[4][1]

2014 Free Erusea uprising

On May 28, 2014, the IUN's radar site northwest of Fort Grays Island detected multiple Free Erusean aircraft, which had ignored multiple warnings. As a result, the IUN-PKF deployed multiple squadrons to identify the aircraft.[5]