Operation Alphaville

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This article concerns the in-universe event. For the playable in-game missions, see St. Elmo's Fire, Visiting Hours and Toy Box.
"Alphaville is crazy, but it works."
― A 4th Fleet member commenting on the operation

Operation Alphaville was an operation launched by the Usean Allied Forces.


In order to reach the rebels stronghold in Saint Ark, key rebel bases needed to be destroyed so that a path could be opened up towards the capital.


Scarface Squadron's first mission was the escort of the 4th Fleet across the Payton Channel. The channel was a path to a rebel base. Despite facing heavy resistance, the squadron had successfully escorted the fleet across the channel and the latter was able to destroy the rebel base located.[1]

The squadron's next mission was to destroy Turntable, a geothermal power plant for the rebels' defenses around Saint Ark. This was a joint operation with landing ship Petral Coost. Once Petral Coost had reached the shore, a landing team was deployed in order to open the vent so that Phoenix could fly in and destroy the core. Phoenix successfully destroyed the core leading to the defenses around Saint Ark to be powered down.[2]

The squadron's final mission was to destroy satellite weapons stored inside crates. These weapons were intended to be used against the Usean Allied Forces. After destroying all crates, the final weapon was loaded onto a space shuttle and was about to be launched into space. The squadron successfully destroyed the shuttle along with the weapon loaded. However, the squadron was alerted to the presence of Beast Squadron who had apparently survived the first encounter over the Payton Channel. Despite their sheer numbers and the advantage of electronic warfare, the squadron shot down all aircraft.[3]


With more and more territory being lost to the Allied Forces, the Usean Rebel Forces were forced to retreat to their stronghold in Saint Ark.