Rocky Island

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Rocky Island is a large island located off the eastern coast of Usea, northeast of Payton Channel and Comberth Harbor.


Rocky Island is known for the large geothermal-power plant, Turntable, located on its western coast. The island's topography is rugged and covered in vegetation. It is unknown if Rocky Island possesses a local population.


On August 16, 1998, Scarface Squadron was ordered to escort a landing ship, callsign "Petral Coost", towards Turntable, which was being used by the coup d'état forces to power their stronghold in Saint Ark. Once Petral Coost reached the landing site, the landing team opened the facility's front gate, allowing Phoenix to fly in and destroy the core. With its core destroyed, Turntable was rendered useless, which led to the operation's success.[1][2]