Mother Goose One (AC7)

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"Mother Goose One? That's the best you can come up with?"
― Col. Johnson

Mother Goose One was the callsign of a stolen Erusean V-22 utilized by former Osean President Vincent Harling in the Lighthouse War.


During the Lighthouse War, Mother Goose One was the callsign given to a commandeered Erusean V-22 Osprey carrying Harling, who had been trapped at the International Space Elevator following the Erusean declaration of war. During the IUN's disastrous rescue mission, Harling and Colonel Johnson attempted to escape in the transport, supported by Gargoyle, Golem, and Mage Squadrons. However, during the operation, Mother Goose One was hit by a missile, fatally injuring Johnson, who was flying the plane. A second missile subsequently struck Mother Goose One, killing Harling.

At the time, it was assumed that Trigger accidentally shot it down as he was the closest fighter when Mother Goose One was shot down, and MQ-101s had been swarming around the transport at the time, lending credence to the possibility that Trigger shot Mother Goose One down while aiming for a UAV. This suggestion was backed by Georg accusing Trigger of firing the missile.[1] Due to this, Trigger was court-martialed and sent to the 444th Air Base's Spare Squadron,[2] but was later exonerated.[3]

During Operation Gorgon, it was revealed by Erusean general Édouard Labarthe that the Erusean Radicals were the true culprits behind the assassination of Harling, having utilized Belkan technology to spoof the IFF signals used by Osean fighters to pin the blame on Trigger.[4]