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MiG-29A Fulcrum

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"They are not our usual thugs. Their Fulcrums are a hell of a lot better than the rebel crates."
― Lion 2

The MiG-29A Fulcrum is a fourth-generation fighter. It made its debut in Air Combat and has since been featured in multiple subsequent Ace Combat titles.



In the Strangereal universe, the original MiG-29A was developed and adopted by various air forces as a mid-level air superiority aircraft, roughly equal to the F-16C Fighting Falcon, but was mainly used for air-to-ground missions, in contrast to the more air-to-air focused F-16. MIG-29As saw extensive usage during the Belkan War by both Belka and Ustio as frontline fighters, with various notable pilots using such jets in frontline operations.[1][2] One of the most notable Fulcrum units was the Belkan 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron GrauWespe, which gained fame on the western fronts before being shot down in the Battle of B7R.[3]

After the Belkan War, the MiG-29A saw service again during the Skully Islands insurrection, including by Scarface Squadron's Timothy.[4]

Fulcrums were also used by the ISAF Air Force and the Federal Erusea Air Force during the 2003 Usean Continental War.[5], with one Erusean ace pilot, Mrkos, utilizing a Fulcrum with a crimson red paint scheme.[6]

The aircraft was also fielded by the Osean Air Defense Force and Yuktobanian Air Force during the Circum-Pacific War.[7]

Fulcrums were fielded in the Lighthouse War.[8], they were operated both by the OADF, of which Champ, a member of the OADF's 444th Fighter Squadron was a notable operator, and the Erusean Air Force. Joe Barker, Callsign: Jester, was the most notable Erusean MiG-29 pilot.[9]

On June 30, 2020, at least five Estovakian Air Force MiG-29As were showcased at Redmill Air Force Base alongside foreign aircraft at a ceremony commemorating 25 years since the Belkan War's conclusion. The Estovakian military had sent these aircraft among others after being invited by the Osean Federation.[10] Later that year, during the Aurelian War, the Leasath Air Force utilized the aircraft in moderate numbers.[11]

Joint Assault universe[edit]

During the Valahia Crisis, the MiG-29A followed a similar path as it did in Strangereal, with no other models being known to be in operation. It was the preferred aircraft of Faryd Gaviria prior to his desertion from Martinez Security, and was deployed in large numbers by the Valahia in their terrorism campaign.[12]

Assault Horizon universe[edit]

A Task Force 108 MiG-29A flying over Moscow

Within the Assault Horizon universe, the MiG-29A was the main small-scale fighter aircraft of the Russian Air Force, with various squadrons operating A-model units by the 2010s. Government loyalists and New Russian Federation supporters used Fulcrums during the 2015-2016 civil war in Russia, including the Molot Squadron, which accompanied the Warwolf Squadron throughout the campaign to terminate the coup by destroying the NRF leadership in Moscow.[13] The MiG-29ME export model was also developed in this world, differing only in the adoption of canards for increased mobility; several airframes were given by the Blatnoi to Nigerian anti-government troops during the 2021 civil war.[14]

Infinity Universe[edit]

In the Infinity Universe, the MiG-29A was one of the many aircraft designs acquired and manufactured by Wernher and Noah Enterprises with their Advanced Automated Aviation Plant for sale to government and private mercenary forces. During Operation Eternal Liberation, United Nations Forces made use of the craft. The USEA Federation used captures plants to manufacture their own MiG-29s, making them one of the most commonly used aircraft of the movement's aerial forces.

Game Analysis[edit]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown[edit]

"A medium-sized fighter developed as a replacement for contemporary lead planes such as the MiG-21. Highly capable in aerial combat, this attack plane was devised as an interceptor to be pitted against such fighters as the F-15. The MiG-29A Fulcrum served as the base for a large amount of improved variants, approaching the Su-27 in terms of numbers. Some of these variants include the carrier-based K model; the OVT, used to test thrust vectoring nozzles; and the next-gen MiG-35. The country where it was developed calls it "Lastochka.""
Data Viewer

How to Unlock

The MiG-29A is available on the Aircraft Tree and it costs 65,000 MRP.


MiG-29A AC7 Statistics.png


Part Slots

BODY: 38
ARMS: 38
MISC: 38

Named Pilots

  • Joe Barker (Jester)
  • Champ (Spare 8)


  1. Osea: Paris '89 green and grey camouflage.
  2. Erusea: Black upper body based on MiG-29K prototype. (Unlocked by earning the "First Try" medal: Destroy 50 or more ground targets without using the Return Line in Campaign Mission 06, "Long Day".)
  3. Special: Yellow body with black accents; based on MiG-29A no. 526 and 925 from the Gromov Flight Research Institute. (Unlocked after shooting down JESTER)
  4. Mage: Osea skin with Mage Squadron markings
  5. Spare: Osea skin with Spare Squadron markings
  6. Strider: Osea skin with Strider Squadron markings
  7. Champ: Spare skin with Champ's markings
  8. Red Moon: Red Moon Squadron livery (Unlocked through the Experimental Aircraft Series DLC)
  9. UPEO: MiG-33 Fulcrum SS livery with Erich Jager's number


Ace Combat Infinity[edit]

"A medium-sized master fighter developed as the successor to the MiG-21. In a one-on-one dogfight, it has strong maneuvering capabilities due to its refined aerodynamics. Though it is similar in shape to the Su-27, which was developed around the same time, it was built smaller in size since it is used in close proximity to front-line bases. Its NATO codename is "Fulcrum"."
1 525 59,400 108 90 6 D D E D E F+
2 563 8,910 118 94 8 D+ D+ E D+ E E
3 601 16,040 129 98 10 D+ D+ E+ D+ E E+
4 639 29,110 139 102 12 9 C C E+ C E D
5 677 51,680 150 106 14 10 C+ C+ D C E+ D+
6 715 138,600[a] 161 112 16 12 C+ C+ D C+ E+ C
7 753 66,830 172 116 17 13 34 B B D B E+ C+
8 791 154,440 183 120 18 14 36 B B+ D B E+ B
9 829 300,960 194 124 19 15 38 B+ A D+ B E+ B+
10 867 766,260 206 128 20 16 40 B+ A D+ B E+ A
11 914 1,029,600 217 132 21 17 42 A A+ C B+ D A+
12 961 1,633,500 228 136 22 18 44 A S C A D S
13 1008 2,405,700 239 140 23 19 46 A+ S C+ A+ D S
14 1055 2,970,000 250 144 24 20 48 A+ S+ C+ A+ D+ S+
15 1102 4,158,000 262 148 26 22 52 S S+ B S D+ S+
16 1161 5,473,440 271 150 27 23 54 S S+ B S+ D+ S+
17 1220 6,259,680 280 152 28 24 56 S+ S+ B+ S+ D+ S+
18 1279 7,035,840 289 154 29 25 58 S+ S+ B+ S+ C S+
19 1338 8,991,360 298 156 30 26 60 S+ S+ B+ S+ C S+
20 1397 11,340,000 308 158 32 28 64 S+ S++ A S+ C+ S++
Part Slots
At Lv.1, this aircraft carried 17 BODY, 15 ARMS, and 16 MISC part slots. See Tuning § Slot Expansion for further information.
Upgrading this aircraft to these levels unlocked the respective nicknames for use at any time.
  • Lv.3: Swallow
  • Lv.10: Fulcrum Master
  • Lv.15: The Red Swallow
  • Lv.20: Great Bird


  • Default: Paris '89 camouflage livery.
  • Event Skin #01: MiG-29K; Black body
  • Event Skin #02: "HyperStealth Digital Thunder," MiG-29AS paint scheme
  • Event Skin #03: MiG-29SMT livery; light green splinter camouflage


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon[edit]

A medium-sized master fighter developed as the successor to the MiG-21. In a one-on-one dogfight, it has strong maneuvering capabilities due to its refined aerodynamics. Though it is similar in shape to the Su-27, which was developed around the same time, it was built smaller in size since it is used in close proximity to front-line bases. Its NATO codename is "Fulcrum"."
Complete Campaign Mission 3 "Red Moon".
Speed: Medium-High
Mobility: Medium-High
Stability: Medium
Fire Power: High
Defense: Average
MSSL x180
QAAM x28
4AAM x24
Flares x5
Color 1: Paris '89 Air Show camouflage scheme.
Color 2: New Russian Federation; Black body with bort number 312; exact replica of second MiG-29K Fulcrum-D prototype.
Color 3: MiG-29SMT livery; light green geometric camouflage with markings of Red Moon Squadron
Ivan Stagleishov/Big Bear Squadron (Russian Air Force)
Stormrider (New Russian Federation)
Legion (New Russian Federation)
Molot Squadron (Russian Air Force)
Sergei Illich/Red Moon Squadron

Ace Combat: Joint Assault[edit]

"An air superiority fighter boasting powerful engines and refined aerodynamics."
Complete mission 11: Raging Sea. Costs $32,600.
Speed: High
Air-to-Air: Medium
Air-to-Ground: Medium-Low
Mobility: Medium
Stability: Medium-High
Defense: Low
STDM x78
HACM x52
LGWM x104
HVWM x26
RCL x16
UGB x16
SAAM x12
XMAA x24
C01: Solid gray with black nose livery from previous games.
C02: Paris '89 Air Show camouflage.
C03: Woodland camouflage.
C04: Black/charcoal splinter lviery.
C05: Light blue upper body and red underside.
C06: "Mrkos" ace color scheme from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies; crimson livery.
Faryd Gaviria (Martinez Security)

Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion[edit]

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Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception[edit]

"An air superiority fighter boasting powerful engines and refined aerodynamics."
Complete mission 5B: Pinned Down. Costs 14,000 credits.
MiG-29A Fulcrum ACX Stats.png
MSSL x58
UGB x12
RCL x12
SAAM x10
Aurelia: Solid gray with black nose, identical to AC5's OADF livery.
Leasath: Paris '89 camo, same pattern as seen in ACZ.
Special 1: Four color woodland camouflage from previous games.
Special 2: Black splinter camouflage.
Frost - Found in Standoff in the Skies I. Spawns to the north if the F-2A formation is destroyed before damaging the Gleipnir.

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War[edit]

"This fighter was developed with the goal of overpowering the enemy in one-on-one combat. The "Fulcrum" boasts powerful engines and refined aerodynamics for superb maneuverability."

How to Unlock


  • Speed: 73
  • Mobility: 45
  • Stability: 39
  • Defense: 49
  • Air-to-Air: 30
  • Air-to-Ground: 55



  • Standard: Paris '89 Green-gray camouflage.
  • Mercenary: Yuktobanian woodland camouflage from AC5.
  • Soldier: Polish two-tone dark and light gray camo.
  • Knight: Hungarian two-tone gray livery with false canopy.
  • Special: Blue camouflage, similar to the Bangladeshi MiG-29 scheme.

Named Aces


Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War[edit]

"This fighter was developed with the goal of overpowering the enemy in one-on-one combat. The Fulcrum boasts powerful engines and refined aerodynamics for superb maneuverability and handling."
Complete campaign mission 7: Front Line. Costs 11,200 per plane.
Speed: 73
Mobility: 45
Stability: 39
Defense: 49
Air-to-Air: 30
Air-to-Ground: 55
MSSL x60
UGB x14
OS: Gray body with black nose.
RZ: Black body.
YK: Four tone woodland camouflage.

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies[edit]

"Highly maneuverable mid-sized fighter with a large payload. Performs well in both air-to-ground and air-to-air roles."
Complete campaign mission 8: Shattered Skies. Costs 259,000 credits.
Speed: High
Air-to-Air: Medium
Air-to-Ground: Medium
Mobility: Medium-High
Stability: Low
Defense: Medium
GUN x750
MSSL x64
UGBS x18
RCL x72
Standard: Farnborough '88 Green-gray camouflage.
Erusea: Woodland Warsaw Pact era camouflage.
Special: Crimson body. Priced at $337,000.
Mrkos (Lifeline)

Ace Combat 2[edit]

How to Unlock

Complete mission 6A: Midnight Assassin or mission 6B: Bear Tracks. Costs $110,000.


Power: 70
Defense: 40
Mobility: 50
Stability: 60
Climbing Ability: 80
Air-to-Air: 60
Air-to-Ground: 60
Duration of flight: 18 minutes
Absorbability: Normal


Named Pilots

  • Ricochet


Air Combat[edit]

The aircraft is displayed as MIG-29.

How to Unlock

Available at the start of the game
Complete mission 6: Destroy Production Site
Complete mission 5: Destroy Pipe-Lines


$2,500,000 - original price
$2,250,000 - after first discount
$2,000,000 - after second discount
$1,500,000 - after third discount


  • Defense: 2
  • Power: 4
  • Mobility: 4
  • Offense: 3
  • Stability: 2

Named Pilots

Gallery <gallery bordersize="none" hideaddbutton="true"> Ac mig-29c1.png|MIG-29 in default player color Ac mig-29c2.png|MIG-29 in enemy color



  • The in-game model for MiG-29A depicted since Ace Combat 5 features a retractable refueling probe, but it does not have the dorsal tank extension seen in latter variants such as MiG-29SMT (9-17/9-19). The real-world variant matching the in-game appearence is MiG-29SD (9-12SD), a modified variant based on the original MiG-29A (9-12) with the retractable refueling probe added. A sub-variant of MiG-29SMT (9-18) with the dorsal tank extension removed also has this appearence, however its upgraded cockpit with multi-function display units largely differs to the cockpit of MiG-29A.
  • The crimson body color available for the MiG-29A in Shattered Skies and Joint Assault is a homage to the 1999 manga Red Prowling Devil, in which the mercenary protagonist flies a customized Fulcrum painted with the same color.
  • The nickname "Lastochka" in the description in Skies Unknown is a reference to an unofficial nickname Japan uses to refer the MiG-29. The name also is seen on the Muv-Luv franchise of visual novels, particularly the MiG-29 Lastochka, a Soviet Tactical Surface Fighter (TSF) from the franchise.


  1. Players could use one Nonstandard Upgrade Request Form instead of credits for the Lv.6 upgrade.