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Blatnoi briefing.jpg
"Attention allied forces. Witness the destruction of Carruth at the hands of our newest new weapon. This is not an empty boast, Blatnoi cannot be stopped."
Ivan Stagleishov, "Blue on Blue"

The Blatnoi was a major criminal organization from Russia, and the party that instigated the 2015 New Russian Federation uprising. The group was the main backer of the New Russian Federation faction through the course of the war, providing arms and assistance to the SRN militia in Africa and aiding in the overthrow of the ruling government.

The group wielded enormous power, being able to convince some troops in the Russian military to join their uprising. It was known to be involved in illegal arms dealing, obtaining profit through a smuggling organization named "Stork" (Аист).[1] The fate of Blatnoi in the aftermath of the failed coup is unknown. Years later, the organization became the prime suspect of a terrorist attack in Tokyo, Japan.[1]


  • The Blatnoi takes its name from the adjectival form of Blat, a Russian slang term referring to people who have obtained entry to high-ranking jobs through connections and bribes, and is an equivalent to the "Old boy networks" of Western culture. As it constitutes a grammatical error in such language, the Russian version of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon instead calls it "Our Way" (Наш путь, Nash put').
    • As such, the Blatnoi shares its name with Nash Put', a newspaper published by the former Russian Fascist Party in the early 1930s from the Chinese territory of Manchukuo.