Jewel Box

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Jewel Box is the eighteenth mission in Ace Combat 2.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

With your great effort, both operations "A"LPHAVILLE and "B"ELLISSIMA were big successes. Here, we want to assemble all our forces to secure the last invasion route by attacking their garrison in the coastal city of Port Edwards. Our target is the enemy garrison and the central highway network being used as make-shift runways for their fighters.

Target: The enemy garrison and central highway network

Let 'em have it!

Objectives[edit | edit source]

The mission objective is to destroy seven sections of highway that are marked as TGT. The defending enemy forces are great in number, therefore ammunition conservation is important should the player attempts to destroy as many hostile units as possible.

Enemy Lists[edit | edit source]

Standard Units[edit | edit source]

Unit Credits Count Other Notes
Icon-AirEnemy.svg EF-2000 8,500 2
Icon-AirEnemy.svg F-15E 8,000 3
Icon-AirEnemy.svg Su-37 10,000 5
Icon-AirEnemy.svg SF-39 7,500 4
Icon-GroundTGT.svg HIGHWAY 5,000 7
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg GUN 1,000 12
Icon-GroundEnemy.svg TANK 2,000 14

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Completion reward: 50,000 credits

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