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Area B7R is a single-player campaign mission in Ace Combat Infinity.


Goodfellow: All right. Time to start the briefing. We've spotted an enemy fighter squadron taking off from South America. They're flying toward U.S. territory. We'll be scrambling from our San Diego base to intercept. You will meet in Area B7R in the Nevada wastelands. It's mostly flat and dotted with circular ridges. The area's codenamed "Round Table" by the USAF, which uses it as a proving ground for testing special-purpose aircraft. Due to radio interference from the mineral resources buried underground, communications on this op will be hard. If you have to bail out, you're going to have trouble contacting rescue. It'll likely take several days to track you down. So keep that in mind...Omega. You'll likely have a pretty ferocious firefight with the enemy squadron. We have some time before deployment. Make sure your craft's fully prepared for combat.


We've still got some work for you, too, so don't slack off now.
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Initial Phase[edit]

Upon spawning, a large group of enemy fighters comprised of MiG-29 and SU-33 will appear to the left of the center of the map. The player must engage and destroy all enemy planes marked as TGT in order to continue with the mission.

Mission Update[edit]

Once all targets have been destroyed, a new cluster of enemy jets will spawn near the southwest corner of the map. This is the Ater Team, an elite unit that will target Ridgeback 1 after a set amount of time. The player is then tasked with providing support for the Ridgeback leader and destroy all the enemies.

Mission Update 2[edit]

After the Ater Team has been downed, the Butterfly Master will appear at high altitude near the center of the map surrounded by a swarm of MQ-90L Quox bis UAVs. The UAVs will use these lasers both offensively (attacking the player and allies) and defensively, blowing up any missiles that are targeted after the Butterfly Master´s CFA-44. This strategy comes with a drawback, as the UAVs become less maneuverable after using them. The player should take advantage of this and aim first for the drones while leaving the Butterfly master´s airplane for last. As with Far Eastern Front, the Butterfly Master's aircraft will fly on autopilot after a set period of time, giving the player an easier opportunity to shoot her down if they had not. The mission will be complete upon doing so.

S Rank[edit]

Achieving an S Rank in this mission requires earning 35,000 points or more upon destruction of the QFA-44 at the end. Time is not a factor on the S Rank, so the best way for the player to earn those points is by destroying all possible aircraft in the first stage as well as all possible UAVs in the last stage.


Goodfellow: Following interrogation of our POWs, we uncovered several facts about the Butterfly Master's ID. He pilots the QFA-44 Carmilla, a new type of unmanned craft. Its hardware remains a mystery, but its capabilities are superior to the Quox. We've confirmed that it uses a low-orbit communications satellite network to handle the transmission of navigational data. Taking out the satellites would solve our problem quickly, but the space treaty we've signed with the UN prevents that. I'm sure the UN will try to enact some measure or another to deal with that, but a lot of countries, particularly in South America, are dead set against any meddling with that treaty. It's going to take some time. Those politicians are trapped by the very rules they enacted.


Debriefing ZULU.jpg
  • Leaving the debriefing screen alone for approximately 15 minutes after the end of Goodfellow's dialogue used to cause the briefing text to be replaced by the phrase "ZULU".[1] This no longer happens.
  • This is the only mission where the player's Rental Aircraft is the same as a squadmate's plane.