Satellite Interception III

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Satellite Interception III is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity available at random to players during Online Co-Op Missions. Players are tasked with destroying the SOLG -Lexell- military satellite and its defense squadron before the satellite crashes into Tokyo and causes catastrophic damage.


We have received a report that the SOLG -Lexell- military satellite is falling towards the city. Sortie immediately and destroy SOLG -Lexell- in mid-air. However, the report also indicates that new enemy fighters are confirmed among the hostile forces that will seek to impede your mission. Proceed with extreme caution when undertaking this operation.


Satellite Interception III plays very similarly to Satellite Interception I and Satellite Interception II. Players spawn above Tokyo Bay, each team on each side of the radar, as SOLG -Lexell- begins to fall towards the city. Four sets of targets must be destroyed, starting with Lexell's Solar Array Wings (SAWs) and exterior MAG panels. The SAWs will be very resilient, more so than previous versions of the mission, but the MAG panels will be easy to destroy as always. All of these will fly backwards towards the players when they break off after being destroyed, and a large and damaging fire will begin at the front of the satellite after some SAWs are destroyed, so players must exercise caution to not get physically damaged.

After all SAWs and MAG panels are destroyed, all of Lexell's Kinetic Energy Weapon (KEW) shells will be target-able. Its Tactical Laser System defenses will activate, however, so players must avoid being damaged by the lasers as they engage this set of targets. Smaller panels will also start falling off of Lexell, just as damaging as the previous panels. About halfway through destroying the KEW shells, a squadron of F-22A Raptors will enter the area and engage the players. These are not mission-important, but should be destroyed for the S rank.

After all KEW shells are destroyed, a squadron of ADFX-01 Morgans will enter the operation area. These must be destroyed before the rest of the satellite can be damaged. All of the Morgans are equipped with Tactical Laser Systems and Multi-Purpose Burst Missiles and will use both of them as well as standard missiles and gunfire simultaneously. The MPBMs explode similarly to Stonehenge's fire or the Nimbus missiles deployed by Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser and Scinfaxi-class submarine, so players will have advance warning to avoid the danger zones on the radar before the MPBMs detonate.

After all of the Morgans are shot down, the four core units at the front of the satellite can be targeted and destroyed. More laser units will activate on the body of the satellite, and the fire at the front of the satellite will still be burning, so players must continue to exercise caution.

After the four core units are destroyed, the back of the satellite will open up, allowing players to destroy the special artillery shell located within Lexell. Destroying this will bring an end to SOLG -Lexell- and complete the mission.

The mission ends when time runs out or when the special artillery shell is destroyed, whichever comes first.

S Rank

An S Rank is achieved on Satellite Interception III if all players can get a combined 200,000 points and destroy all mission-important targets, including the special artillery shell within the satellite.

Achieving the S Rank is mostly dependent on all players doing their best to destroy all of the targets on the satellite as swiftly as possible, to allow enough time for everything to be destroyed. The addition of the ADFX-01 Morgans increases the difficulty compared to Satellite Interception I and II, and the Su-47 Berkuts in those missions are replaced by F-22A Raptors here, but otherwise there is very little difference.

To achieve the required points, and to make it easier to destroy the mission-important targets, players should try to engage the laser units and the F-22As whenever possible.


E or D Rank

We were unable to completely destroy SOLG -Lexell- and the operation ended in failure. All we can do now is pray that the separate allied unit that will take over the mission will be able to keep damage to a minimum.

C or B Rank

Luckily we were able to at least alter the trajectory of the target, keeping damage to a minimum. Things will be quiet for the time being, but the enemy forces still remain.

A Rank

Your actions directly resulted in the destruction of SOLG -Lexell-. With practically zero damage caused by its fall, the results of this operation can be regarded as a complete success.

S Rank

SOLG -Lexell- has been completely destroyed, and the enemy forces that were running interference have also been wiped out. Your swift and accurate actions have resulted in the complete elimination of this threat.