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STONEHENGE RETURNS III is a Special Raid mission in Ace Combat Infinity that only appears after completion of an Online Co-Op Mission. It takes place at an upgraded Stonehenge Type-3. The premise involves the reactivation of the Stonehenge railgun system, requiring players to destroy it once more.


We have received a report that the enemy surface-to-air railgun, "Stonehenge", has undergone further enhancements and is preparing to start functioning. You should be aware of the threat posed by Stonehenge, and if it has become even more powerful, then there is no option to just sit on the sidelines. Our information indicates that, along with enhancements to Stonehenge itself, the electronic warfare capabilities in the vicinity have also been enhanced. This is going to be one of your toughest missions yet, but we need you to destroy this enhanced Stonehenge, codenamed "Gold Ring".


As with STONEHENGE RETURNS I and II, players start off at south-east of Stonehenge and must first destroy the four groups of three ECM jammer towers surrounding the railguns. They will be under attack by Stonehenge Gold Ring's railguns, whose firing rate is even greater than that of the other two variants.

A group of T-50 PAK-FA will appear in place of the MiG-31B Foxhound as reinforcement, followed by three P-1113 Kottos aerial warships providing further jamming before the three ECM jammers towers inside Stonehenge can be targeted. Once the jammers are destroyed, the railguns can then be targeted and destroyed to complete the objective.

S Rank

Just like all other missions, all of the enemy's must be destroyed in order to obtain S rank. However, there is a possibility that an S rank may still be achieved if very few enemies are left, assuming the players reach the point threshold required for the rank.

To finish the mission with an S rank:

  • Destroy the 4 ECM stations sites. You can not lock onto them with your missiles, and so you will need to dumb-fire them or use machine guns and unguided special weapons. AA defenses around the stations and enemy aircraft between them also spawned, they are necessary for an S-rank.
  • After all four ECM stations are completely destroyed, a squadron of 8 T-50 PAK-FAs replacing the MiG-31B Foxhounds will arrive near the northwest corner of the map. These are required targets.
  • Once the enemy squadron has been destroyed, three Kottos-class heavy command cruisers will appear in three random directions; East/West and South/North side of the map. Once those are destroyed, three more jamming towers in the center of the ring of railguns can be attacked.
  • After the destruction of the Jammers, the railgun cannons, nearby AA defenses within the vicinity of the area, and aircraft: two MiG-29A Fulcrums and two Mi-24 Hinds taking off from nearby runway can all be targeted and destroyed as normal. All of them need to be destroyed within the time limit, before all eight cannons themselves are destroyed, for an S rank. There will be additional, high-end aircraft spawning in the air as the cannons fall; these targets are needed to increase the progress bar.


C or B Rank

While we failed to completely silence Stonehenge Gold Ring, we have at least put a stop to their attack plans in the vicinity for the foreseeable future.
However, having failed to completely destroy Stonehenge, we must be ready to face the emergence of that threat again in the future.

A Rank

Your actions have silenced Stonehenge Gold Ring.
This will surely impact the enemy's operations within the Turkey region now.

S Rank

Your exemplary flying has aided in completely silencing Stonehenge Gold Ring.
With the threat of Stonehenge removed, the superiority of our forces in the region is becoming more established.


  • The mission is called STONEHENGE RETURN III in the Japanese version of the game and the English version of the 1.03 Update trailer.
  • Completing the mission unlocks the "EM Railgun Destruction Mission Medal of Valor (Gold)" emblem and the "1994XF04" nickname.