Pipeline Destruction (Infinity)

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For other uses, see Pipeline Destruction.

Pipeline Destruction is an Online Co-Op Mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over the "Troia Route", where players work together to destroy enemy oil facilities.


The oil facilities are back in operation. These facilities formerly supported enemy operations in the Near East by providing one million barrels of military fuel. The enemy has gathered ground and sea forces together in order to protect the facilities from air attack. Make sure you are well prepared before taking on this mission.



When the mission begins, the players will spawn to the north of the operation area. Two main facilities will be open for attack: a refinery on the shore in the middle of the map, and oil rigs to the south at sea. The majority of the enemies present in this mission are low priority targets which can be easily destroyed by a single missile or a burst of machine gun. In order to reveal the medium priority oil platforms and SP target main platforms, all of the targets on top of each facility must be wiped out first. There are medium priority MiG-29s, Su-33s, F/A-18Fs and occasionally F-15S/MTDs flying above the oil rigs or the sea between the rigs and the coastal facilities. There are also low priority missile boats and gunboats among the oil rig targets.

Mission Update

Just like other Co-Op Missions, a random Mission Update will occur either when three minutes elapse or when all enemies are destroyed.

If the mission update is successfully taken care of within the next three minutes, more targets will appear. The enemies in the second phase vary:

  • The first possible set is enemies on the beach and sea West of the oil facilities which consist of low and medium priority ground enemies, as well as SP Destroyers and lesser sea targets. the air, there are medium priority MiG-29s and SP F-22As.
  • The second possible set is enemies on the airfield Northwest of the oil facilities which consist of low priority and medium priority ground targets, and also SP Tu-160s parked in the airfield. There are medium priority MiG-29s and SP F-22As in the air.
  • The third possible set is a large fleet north of the oil platforms, consisting of SP Destroyers, medium-value Corvettes and low-value Gun Boats/MSSL Boats. As with the two other sets, MiG-29s and SP F-22As are present.

The mission is completed when the timer runs down to zero or all remaining enemies are destroyed.

S Rank


E or D Rank

Enemy air defenses resisted our attack and damage to the facilities was limited. It will not be long until the flow of fuel to enemy forces begins again.

C or B Rank

Our attack has reduced the operational efficiency of the enemy facility to less than 40%.
A further operation is currently being planned by Command HQ in order to completely destroy the facility.

A Rank

Your attacks have reduced the operation rate of the enemy facilities to below 60%.
This will severely limit the operational capabilities of our enemy in the Mid and Near East going forward.

S Rank

The swift and decisive blow dealt by our forces have ended the operations of the enemy facilities.
The enemy will need to reconsider their middle east strategy after this.


  • The background music of this mission is "Annex", from the Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Original Soundtrack.
  • The overall design of the mission is inspired by the missions "Lifeline" from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies and "Anea Landing" from Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.
  • Pipeline Destruction is the only Online Co-Op mission whose exact location in the world is never stated, whether in briefings, debriefings or the monthly Strategic Command challenges. It is simply referred to as the "Troia Route".
  • If the Mission Update is completed fast enough (supposedly in under a minute), an SR-71 Blackbird worth 6,000 points will spawn at the southern edge of the radar at 40,000 feet. It will speed north, and it'll reach the shoreline within a minute. It does not need to be destroyed for the S rank.
  • Sortieing in this mission 10 times awards the "Drenched in Oil" nickname. Sortieing in this mission 100 times awards the "Inferno" nickname.