Pipeline Destruction (HARD)

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For the normal version of this mission, see Pipeline Destruction (Infinity).

Pipeline Destruction (HARD) is a more challenging version of the Online Co-Op Mission Pipeline Destruction, featured in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over the "Troia Route", where players work together to destroy enemy oil facilities.


The oil facilities are back in operation. These facilities formerly supported enemy operations in the Near East by providing one million barrels of military fuel. The enemy has gathered ground and sea forces together in order to protect the facilities from air attack. Make sure you are well prepared before taking on this mission.



Mission Update

HARD Update

S Rank

As with other HARD Online Co-Op Missions, achieving an S Rank on Pipeline Destruction (HARD) requires teamwork among all players. There will be difficulty in trying to earn the S rank with only 4 players.

One possible distribution of players would be to have at least two players for air-to-ground attack, at least one player for air-to-air attack, and at least one player for the potential of air-to-ship attack in the first mission update.


C or B Rank

The attack from our forces resulted in the operating capacity of the enemy facilities to be reduced to below 40%. Operations command is currently putting together a plan for another strike to silence this threat once and for all.

A Rank

Your actions directly resulted in the operating capacity of the enemy facilities to be reduced to below 60%. This will place exploitable restrictions upon the enemy's operations in the Middle and Near East.

S Rank

The swift and decisive blow struck by our forces have once again completely shut down operation of the enemy facilities. They will now surely be forced to completely rethink their strategy in the Middle and Near East.