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Rescue is the third campaign mission in Ace Combat Infinity.


Goodfellow: Right now, we've got a hostage-rescue operation taking place at Wernher facility in Area R2M, southwestern Iyuli. It's being led by a team of regular military forces. The terror group we're up against is likely to stage a large-scale counterattack. You'll be providing close-air support, going in ahead of our commando forces to destroy surveillance sites. You'll also be responsible for striking the hostiles around the facility to ensure a smooth approach for our commandos. Once we've secured the nine Greymen hostages held in the central facility, we'll need you to back up the commandos as they pull out of the area. On this op, you'll be working alongside a UNAF tactical fighter squadron, the "Ridgebacks". Unlike you guys, they're about as elite as a force as you can get. If we don't rack up more kills than they do, it's gonna impact my bottom line -- and thus, yours. Dismissed.



The player must all the enemy outposts marked as TGT in order to clear a path for the UNF Marine Commandos. Once all targets have been destroyed, a radar blip will appear from behind. This is the Ridgeback squadron.

Mission Update 1[edit]

From this point onward, the player must contend with the Ridgebacks attempting to achieve kills of their own as they continue to eliminate the remaining SAM sites and protect the commandos.

Mission Update 2[edit]

The whole operation will be interrupted by shots from Stonehenge's railguns. After a moment of confusion, AWACS Sky-Eye wil direct all remaining pilots to fly below 800 meters (2600 feet), which means that they will have to fly into the canyon in order to escape the blast from the high explosive shells. The mission will end once the player passes trough the escape line.

S Rank[edit]

Minimum Score: 12000

Minimum Remaining Time: 06:00

Tips for S Rank: The player can start heading South to exit railgun firing zone once all TGTs has been destroyed and have a score of 12000 or above. The waypoints can be ignored as long as the player reach the designated safe zone marked on the map by a dashed line near the South end of the map.


Goodfellow: The terrorist groups were apparently planning to commandeer an anti-air railgun in Turkey. We were too late to stop them, and now it's in the hands of the enemy. They're using Menhir-3, a geosynchronous satellite, to aim the gun. Due to the Comprehensive Space Warface Ban Treaty, we're not allowed to touch it. Luckily the gun can only fire extreme close-range SS ordnance, that gives it the shortest range we can hope for. Let me be clear, though, that it's "extreme close-range" only in astronomical terms. What's more, its power is overwhelming. It can cover a 4 million foot radius, which means we've essentially lost air superiority in Eastern Europe and the western Middle East. We also have a confirmed SSTO launch from the West Indies a few days back. That presents the possiblity that Wernher's satellites have been seized by the terrorists.


  • Rescue was one of the first campaign missions of Ace Combat Infinity to have been unveiled, following "Far Eastern Front".
  • At the end of the mission, Goodfellow will ask Reaper "Rookie, you still alive?". This is a nod to Pixy's catchphrase "Yo buddy, you still alive?" from Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.
  • The mission bears a large similarity to the Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies mission Deep Strike where the player is forced to fly into a canyon in order to avoid Stonehenge's fire near the end of the mission. Also, Omega makes an exclamation of "What, do you want us to burrow underground?!", similar to an allied pilot stating "What do they expect us to do, go underground?!" in the original AC04 mission.