Operation Battle Axe

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For the aerial engagement during the Belkan War, see Operation Battle-Axe.
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Operation Battle Axe was a conflict that took place in 2020 in Nevada during Operation Eternal Liberation.[1]

On May 21, 2020, Task Force 118 launched a surprise attack on the USEAn forces flying over B7R AKA "Round Table" in the Nevada Wastelands. USEA's pilots were initially caught off-guard but strongly rebounded, and the battle soon tipped into their favor.

The UNF were not about to give up one of their defense lines. They sent in the Arrowblades to intercept from their base in San Diego.

USEA had one last chance - they sent in their own reinforcement squadron, consisting of QFA-44 and the UAVs. After a fierce dogfight, Reaper shot them all down.