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"A message to all the Estovakians out there. Don't be too disappointed once we shoot down all your toys!"
― Zed Waters before the battle of Ragno Fortress[3]

Zed Waters, known also as DJ Zed, is an Emmerian radio host based in Gracemeria. Many Republic of Emmeria Air Force pilots often listened to Zed's broadcasts, even during combat situations, during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


Waters works at a radio station in Gracemeria's[4][5] Novusmeria district[2] under the alias of DJ Zed.[6] Following Estovakia's invasion of Gracemeria, Estovakian troops took over the radio station,[2] removing Waters from his position and installing a propaganda broadcaster in his stead.[7][2] Waters and his team took a broadcast vehicle they dubbed the "Freedom Fighter"[2] to run Emmeria Independence Radio, a pirate radio station intended to inform the Emmerian populace of their military's efforts.[6]

Waters monitored and reported on the Emmerian Army's counterattack across Anea, including the battles of the Selumna Peaks[8] and Ragno Fortress.[3] The occupants of the Freedom Fighter repeatedly hijacked the Estovakian broadcaster's transmissions during the amphibious landings at the Jamil Desert[6] and the liberation of Gracemeria.[2] Waters himself was a fan of Garuda Team in particular, going so far as to make special medals to present to them.[8]

During the city's liberation, Warlock Separate Battalion and Yellow Jacket specifically aimed to recapture the radio station and reinstall Waters, who mocked the Estovakian broadcaster as the building partially collapsed during the battle.[2] Waters returned to his radio station after the recapture of the city and held a special broadcast during the postwar celebrations.[1] He later assisted the Air Force during its assault on the Chandelier by sending data on Chandelier's vulnerabilities provided by Melissa Herman and Victor Voychek.[9]