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"There you are Garuda, we can't fly as fast as you. Take out their anti-air weapons and interceptors. Should be a piece of cake for you right?"
― O'Neil to Garuda during the San Loma Assault[1]

Wayne O'Neill[a] is the squadron leader of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force Bomber Wing, 35th Bomber Squadron, Hammerhead Squadron.


In the days prior to the Emmeria-Estovakia War, O'Neill had planned to move away from actual air combat. However, following the Estovakia's invasion of Gracemeria, he was forced to return to the frontlines.[2]

Initially, Estovakian air superiority restricted the field of operations of Wayne O'Neill's bomber unit. However, after successful Emmerian counteroffensives, the Emmerian Air Force gained more flexibility.[3][4][5]

Hammerhead took part in numerous strategic bombing operations across Anea. On February 15, 2016, Hammerhead Squadron participated in the recapture of San Loma alongside Garuda Team, where they were tasked with bombing Estovakian anti-air installations defending the city. Later in the battle, they were tasked with destroying enemy emplacements stationed at Cavallia Air Force Base.[1]

On March 25, O'Neill once again led his bomber unit during the Moloch Desert, where their objective was to bomb Estovakian radar stations and the Estovakian headquarters. After receiving orders from AWACS Ghost Eye to halt their advance, Hammerhead complied with the order.[6]



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