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Stonehenge is a series of railgun complexes constructed in various countries in the Infinity universe. The railguns were the only weapons developed at the end of the 20th century to address the threat of the 1986VG1 Ulysses asteroid. Stonehenge succeeded in destroying some Ulysses fragments but could not protect Earth completely from the resulting Ulysses Disaster.

The Sons of Troia captured the fourth Stonehenge complex, Stonehenge Type-3 in Turkey, during their worldwide insurgency. They used the railguns to perform a surprise attack on the United Nations Forces in June 2019. One month later, the UNF's operation to eliminate the threat was successful after Reaper destroyed the seven operational railguns. The capture and use of Stonehenge was a diversion that allowed the Sons of Troia to form the USEA Federation and stage uprisings throughout the Eurasian continent.

During the USEAn War, the USEA Federation repeatedly repaired Stonehenge Type-3, prompting the UNF to repeatedly send mercenary pilots to destroy it again. Mercenary operations in Area B7R, Nevada were also hampered by Stonehenge fire, though it remains unclear which Stonehenge complex was firing there.



The inactive Stonehenge Type-3 railgun

After Polyphemus collided with Ulysses in 1994, an estimated 10,000 asteroid fragments began traveling towards Earth, posing an existential threat to humanity. Since each fragment could not be individually diverted, nations worldwide developed the Stonehenge railguns in an attempt to destroy the fragments.[1]

The first complex, Stonehenge Type-0, was built in China as a test unit. It was followed by five additional complexes: Type-1 in the United States of America, Type-2 in Australia, Type-3 in Turkey, Type-4 in Namibia, and Type-5 in Argentina. Kvasir referred to the latter four as all Type-5s.[1] Geosynchronous satellites were also developed to help aim the railguns at their targets.[2]

Ulysses engagement

All of the Stonehenge railguns engaged the Ulysses fragments as they entered Earth's atmosphere in July 1999. They destroyed enough fragments to prevent a mass extinction of humanity, but failed to completely protect the planet.[1] One of Stonehenge Type-3's railguns was disabled when a Ulysses fragment crashed into the facility next to it.[3]

Type-3 capture

UNF aircraft dodging Stonehenge fire

By 2019, Stonehenge Type-3 had been designated a memorial to the Ulysses Disaster.[3] In May of that year, an SSTO launch was detected in the vicinity of Comona Base, which Goodfellow later theorized was the Sons of Troia seizing control of Type-3's targeting satellite. By June 2, the terrorists had captured Stonehenge Type-3 itself, using it in a surprise attack against the United Nations Forces while they were attempting to rescue the Greymen from a Wernher and Noah Enterprises facility in Iyuli. The attack shot down several UNF pilots but failed to eliminate their squadrons, Marine commandos, or affiliated mercenaries, all of whom used the nearby ravines to escape. Goodfellow reported that Stonehenge Type-3's capture meant the UNF lost air superiority in Eastern Europe and the western Middle East.[2]

The Comprehensive Space Warfare Ban Treaty prevented the UNF from eliminating Stonehenge Type-3's targeting satellite.[2] Within a month, the UNF authorized a direct assault on Stonehenge Type-3 using the same official and mercenary forces that were operating in Iyuli. Stonehenge attacked them throughout the battle, including directly firing on the UNF's Marine commandos, forcing the commandos to retreat. Without ground support, Bone Arrow Squadron directly attacked the facility. Viper distracted the railguns while Reaper and Omega flew directly overhead. Reaper single-handedly destroyed the radar jamming stations the terrorists had built in the center of the complex, and then destroyed the seven operational railguns themselves. The operation was successful but distracted the UNF long enough for the newly-formed USEA Federation to take control of the Eurasian continent.[3]

During the subsequent USEAn War, the USEA Federation reclaimed and repaired Stonehenge Type-3, prompting the UNF to send mercenary pilots to destroy it again. This occurred multiple times, sometimes with upgrades to Stonehenge's attack capabilities and defenses. These upgraded variants were known as Stonehenge Red Ring, Gold Ring, and Black Ring. The latter two were additionally defended by Kottos-class aerial warships, and Black Ring was also defended by the Butterfly Master.[4]


A Stonehenge railgun firing

The Stonehenge complexes were semi-enclosed circular cement foundations divided into eight sectors, each sector housing a giant railgun.[3] The railguns fired special ammunition designed to spread a flammable gas into the atmosphere, triggering a massive secondary explosion and shockwave.[2] Each complex was paired with a geosynchronous targeting satellite called "Menhir" to provide aiming guidance to the railguns; for example, Stonehenge Type-3 was paired with Menhir-3.[2]