Operation Fogbound

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Operation Fogbound was a military operation carried out by UNF forces within the Iyuli Special Economic Zone of Russia in early June 2019.[1]


The UNF sent a squadron of two UN Commando helicopters, manned by the units of Bertz and Collins, to rescue the Greymen, and Bone Arrow Squadron and the Ridgebacks were issued to escort them and destroy any hostile forces along the way. Eventually, the two helicopters managed to get to the POW camp.

However, it turned out that the prisoners were nowhere to be found, and to make matters worse, a blast was fired at the area, destroying Javelin and Saber squadrons completely; this was later found to be from Stonehenge. The helicopters were at a low enough altitude to survive the blast, and the remaining planes were away from the blast. Afterwards, all aircraft were ordered to retreat to the South, out of the firing range of Stonehenge (the helicopters were ordered to stand by, though they presumably departed the area once the Stonehenge stopped firing).