Reaching for Stars (export)

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Reaching for Stars is the 14th mission in the international version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. Completing this mission with an A-Rank unlocks the F-16XA Sakerfalcon


"Antlion" mobile assault tanks were airdropped near Neuwork's Space Research Center. They appear to be from General Resource's airborne unit. We believe that their mission is to stop the space shuttle launch scheduled for today and seize control of the research center. Destroy the Antlions before they overrun the base.


The primary target of the mission is a group of 10 Antlion tanks. In addition, there is a group of 3 F/A-32s and a C-17B.

If the Antlion tanks land, they must be destroyed quickly or the mission will end.

If the Antlion tanks are stopped from landing, a group of five F/A-32s will appear. Three of the F/A-32s are targets and must be destroyed.

Enemy List

Section Unit Count Notes
Initial Icon-GroundTGT.svg Antlion 10
Icon-AirEnemy.svg F/A-32C 3
Icon-AirEnemy.svg C-17B 1
Mission Update Icon-AirTGT.svg F/A-32C 3
Icon-AirEnemy.svg F/A-32C 2


Obtaining an A-Rank requires destroying 18+ enemies and destroying the Antlions before they land. If the Antlions land, the player will earn a Mission Over and a D-Rank.


[Mission Start]

(Only if initial mission is complete)

"Antlions destroyed. Now engage incoming reinforcements!"

(On completion of either mission update, screen blacks out.)

[Mission Ends.]


You prevented General Resource from taking over the research center. Thanks to your efforts, the shuttle launch was successful.