Operation Whale Hunt

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"I know some guys who are gonna get a fat paycheck."
AWACS Sky-Eye[1]

Operation Whale Hunt[2] was an operation conducted by the United Nations Forces dedicated to destroying all USEA Federation Air Fleets.[3]


There were four known USEA Federation Air Fleets.[3]

The first was engaged above the Alps in southern Europe.[1] It was escorted by squadrons of Su-47 Berkuts. Both Alpha and Bravo squadrons launched a surprise attack on the air fleet. They destroyed both Gyges-class aerial warhips first as their fire support was crucial. Next, they destroyed both Kottos-class aerial warships before attacking, and destroying, the Aigaion.[1]

The second was engaged off the shore of the "Troia Route".[4] The second fleet featured an upgraded Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser which sported a red colour scheme. It was escorted by multiple squadrons of T-50s. The course of the battle mirrors the one prior.[4]

The third was engaged over Comona Base.[5] The Aigaion leading this fleet was heavily upgraded compared to the original. It sported a golden colour scheme, and had laser pods opposed to standard point defence guns. It was also escorted by multiple T-50 squadrons. The course of the battle mirrors the one prior.[5]

The fourth was engaged over Moscow, Russia.[6] The Aigaion leading this fleet sported a black colour scheme and was equipped with laser pods like the previous heavy command cruiser.[6] It was too, escorted by squadrons comprised of T-50s. The course of the battle is similar to the one prior. However, while Alpha and Bravo squadrons were engaging the final Aigaion, the Butterfly Master, being escorted by a swarm of MQ-90L Quox bis, arrived to defend the final cruiser. After Alpha and Bravo successfully destroyed her QFA-44, they shot down the final cruiser.[6]