Opera House (Legacy)

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For the drilling facility, see Opera House.

"There she is. That's Opera House, their massive drilling base."
Ulrich Olsen

Opera House is the fifth campaign mission in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


"We must destroy the Rebel fuel base. After analyzing data obtained from the Rebel Forces during the battle at Anchorhead, we've learned about a private facility located southeast of Anchorhead that serves as a Rebel fuel base. The ocean drilling facility has been heavily fortified making it impossible for our spy planes to even get close. Destroying this location will deal a major blow to the enemy's fuel supply. There should also be heavy anti-aircraft resistance, so be extra vigilant. Starting now you will be accompanied by a Number Two. TAC names, Slash and Edge. Both are very skilled pilots and will undoubtedly provide you with the backup you need. It's up to you as squadron leader to choose which will be your Number Two. Guide us to victory in this battle, along with your Number Two."


The oil facilities are lined up in a shape resembling the "C" letter. The player begins south of Opera House, just ahead is the first oil facility. The player will be instructed to follow the visible underwater pipeline to locate the next oil facility. After two oil facilities, the player will find an island that holds the fuel tanks guarded by a SAM launcher, an AA gun, and numerous enemy aircraft. The player may also find the ace D. Cowboy near this island. The F-117 is much faster than a normal F-117 so it may be difficult to catch up with low tier aircraft. After all targets on the island are destroyed, follow the pipelines to the next oil facilities, moving in a clockwise pattern until Opera House is located. The Opera House is made of three oil facilities guarded by anti-aircraft weapons. Any surviving enemy aircraft except the ace will also head to Opera House to defend it. After all targets are destroyed, the mission ends.


"You've successfully captured the fuel base Opera House. Every military campaign needs fuel. This will be a devastating loss for the Rebel Forces. But the Rebel presence is still at large. The battles will continue to be tough."

Differences in the Mission

If the player chose to fly with Slash, he will comment about Phoenix's silence when they reach the island. While with Edge, she will only report that her systems are go.

On the way to Opera House, Slash will reveal that "(he's) all for bikinis but can't stand the sea breeze. That's why (he) didn't join the Navy." While with Edge, she will only mutters "Scarface One... Phoenix...", possibly out of admiration in his skills.

After Scarface Squadron reach Opera House and Keynote tells them that the target ahead is called Opera House, Slash will comment that it's a fancy name. While with Edge, she will only tell Phoenix to be careful of the anti-aircraft fire.

S Rank

Complete the mission within 2 minutes.

Named Enemy

  • F-117 D. Cowboy: Appears north of Opera House, flying around the facilities in a counter-clockwise pattern before escaping eastward. The player must have completed the campaign for D. Cowboy to appear.