One Night Stand (Legacy)

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"Never expected a fighter pilot to try flying through the ravine. I hate to admit it, but that pilot's good."
Usean Rebel Forces soldier


We have reports of Allied ships being attacked by an unknown enemy in the waters near Seals Bridge Ravine. Patrol helicopters were able to get a visual on the threat in the vicinity. It turns out to be the advanced submarine that the Allied Forces HQ has been desperately searching for since the rebellion first began. A nuclear-powered, Dragonet-class sub, Fensalir. The submarine has advanced ballistic missile[note 1] firing capabilities and must be destroyed at all costs. It's believed the submarine will dock at a secret refuelling station deep in the Seals Bridge Ravine. You are to enter the ravine and destroy Fensalir before it reaches the dock. The enemy radar network has been set up outside of the ravine, so you must stay within it. You'll be targeted by enemy SAMs above 1,000 meters. Watch your altitude during the mission. The ravine will also get very narrow at parts, so it'll require precise handling. It'll be a difficult mission, requiring both precision and speed. Be extra vigilant out there. [1]


The mission's primary target is the submarine Fensalir, located deep within the ravine. The player must fly down the ravine, which is defended by numerous enemy gunboats, hovercrafts and AH-64s. The player must take care not to collide with the ravine walls and must stay below 1,000 meters. Destroying the Fensalir ends the mission.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Complete the mission in 2:00 or less.


The submarine Fensalir has been destroyed. Even with limited mobility, you still performed flawlessly. Allied Forces HQ feared a ballistic missile[note 1] attack against the cities by the Rebel Forces. But that threat has now been averted. Although I thought two Dragonet-class subs were planned to be built...Well, let's leave the rest to the intelligence department.[1]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Since the Folkvangr fires a cruise missile instead of a ballistic missile, the statement that the Fensalir has ballistic missiles may be inaccurate.