Fensalir (submarine)

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This article concerns the Usean Rebel Forces' submersible. For the Emmerian city, see Fensalir, Emmeria.

The Fensalir was one of two Dragonet-class submarines belonging to the Federation of Central Usea's navy and commandeered by the Usean Rebel Forces during the Usean coup d'état.[1]



The Fensalir was created sometime in the late 20th century by the FCU. The nuclear-powered submarine was designed to serve as a ballistic-missile launch platform.

Usean coup d'état

At some point during the Usean coup d'état, both the Fensalir and its sister ship, the Folkvangr, were seized by the Usean Rebel Forces. The rebels began using the submarine to launch ballistic missile attacks against the Usean Allied Forces.[1]

On July 18, 1998, Allied patrol helicopters spotted the Fensalir, which was stationed at a dock in Seals Bridge. The Allies subsequently dispatched Phoenix to fly through the ravine and sink the Fensalir, thereby eliminating the threat of the submarine's ballistic missiles. The Fensalir was ultimately destroyed before it could escape the dock.[2][3]