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"The eyes of the whole world are upon us. If this ... turns out to be useless, it’s all over. Many people are beginning to realize that, as well as the potential capabilities it has. If by any chance something should happen, we would not remain silent."
― Slash commenting on Stonehenge[3]

John Hervard (also known as John Harvard or John Herbert, see § Name),[a] callsign Slash, was a mercenary pilot who fought in the Usean coup d'état. He signed on with the Scarface Squadron when Operation Fighter's Honor came into effect, and accompanied Phoenix on certain missions.


There are three possible English names for this character:


Since his days as a rookie, he operated under Olsen's command, gaining ample experience.[2]

During the Usean coup d'état, Hervard was assigned as Scarface Squadron's number two after Operation Anchorhead Freedom. He assisted Phoenix in many operations.[2]

Shortly after the war's end, he left the Usean Allied Forces and returned to his birthplace in central Usea. He was later offered a position in the STN Air Policing Squadron. During his interview for the position, he was busy chatting with the maintenance crew. He also had meals with Dr. Jan Tomic whenever they were both on daytime duty.[3]

When Erusea invaded San Salvacion and captured Stonehenge, the entirety of the UTO STN Air Policing Squadron was destroyed. John Hervard's fate during and after this event is unknown.[7]


He excels as a pilot, but lacks leadership skills and prefers supporting roles instead. His hobbies include tinkering with cars. He also converted an empty hangar into his own personal garage.[2] It is also implied that he is a womanizer according to his in-game dialogue.



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