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"I might've been a star up in the sky, but my name still doesn't deserve to be engraved on any monuments."
― John Hervard[1]

John Hervard (also known as John Harvard or John Herbert, see § Name)[a] was an Osean astronaut in the Osean Space Agency. He was a member of the Arkbird's crew in late 2010.


There are three possible English names for this character:


In late 2010, Harvard was present on the Arkbird when it was sabotaged by explosives concealed within a supply shipment from Earth. It is presumed that Harvard was unaware of the fact that the Arkbird had been infiltrated by agents of the Grey Men. On December 19, Harvard's captors redirected the Arkbird into the atmosphere over the Ceres Ocean in an attempt to detonate a nuclear warhead on Okchabursk, Yuktobania. Upon realizing what was happening, Harvard engaged the Arkbird's airbrakes, sending it into a dive, and fled in an escape capsule.[5]

After returning to Osea, he spoke to a photojournalist's associate about his experience. The Osean government neither confirmed nor denied Harvard's statements regarding the circumstances of the Arkbird's destruction.[1]


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