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A MiG-21bis fighting an F-1 in the Payavlenie Ravine

VS Mode is a multiplayer mode in the Ace Combat series that allows two players to compete with one another in a variety of challenges.

Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Stage I

A stage set on Area 03B of Arcade Mode from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. Both players race to achieve points by destroying a respawning flag on the central island while being assaulted by enemy aircraft.

Stage II

A one-on-one dogfight set on the Vladimir Mountains of Ace Combat 5 between both players, with no intermissions or enemies.

Stage III

A dogfight over Bana City centered on realism. Both players carry six to eight missiles, one special weapon and infinite machine gun ammunition. The abundance of buildings and structures may be exploited to lure enemies to crash into the scenery.

Stage IV

An air race taking place in the Solo Islands from the mission "Final Option". Players race to fly through a set of rings and achieve the target score. Weapons are fully functional (apart from the fact that each player has only one missile), and damage multipliers from Normal difficulty apply. Various routes can be taken to hit the rings, and the game ends if one of the players is killed or crashes.

Stage V

A dynamic battle set on Area B7R. Both players set out to shoot down enemy aircraft to obtain points, while occasionally collaborating to defeat elite squadrons. Players can die as much as desired with no consequences, but weapons spent are not recovered after respawning.

Stage VI

A competitive stage set on the Payavlenie Ravine, themed after "Ghosts of Razgriz", The players battle each other while flying through the ravine itself, which is covered by an anti-air missile network and radar jamming from EA-6B Prowlers and ground stations. While the ground sites cannot the destroyed, the Prowlers can be shot down to clear radar visibility.

Stage VII

A battle set over Area 04B of Arcade Mode from The Unsung War. The human players battle each other while being accompanied by a group of AI aircraft who act independently from them. The AI squadrons alternate between a formation three F-14D Super Tomcats named Edge, Chopper and Archer (which are named after the player's wingmen from the Wardog Squadron, and later on as the Razgriz Squadron), three F/A-22A named Omega, Halo and Viper (which are named after squadrons from the Independent State Allied Forces) and 2 unnamed F-15Cs for each player.