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This page contains a transcript of "Salty Lake", the fourth cutscene in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. This cutscene immediately plays before starting "Rescue" during a campaign run.


Schroeder (narrating): Here he comes. Mihaly's looking worse. Thank God he has his granddaughters here to help him out. They're sisters, fifteen and ten. Engaging the enemy in combat, so we could use his physiological data to improve the drones, had always taken a toll on Mihaly's body. But today, he was really showing his age. The drones we based on his data were being taken down at a faster rate now, compared to when the war began. When Mihaly found that out, he insisted on flying to the frontlines to see it for himself. Sometimes, he could be so stubborn. His age wasn't the only thing affecting his health. Over the years, flying at high altitudes for prolonged stretches of time had ravaged and poisoned his body. But he was a man of grit. Today, after twenty-eight years, he saw combat again. If his flight suit still wasn't good enough to protect him, I can't imagine how many Gs he hit today during the battle. As a pilot, he exceeds all our expectations. It's going to take a bit more tweaking before our drones can match his skill.

Avril Mead (narrating): How penal is this penal unit you ask? This place is a shithole. If you took the stink of all the corruption in the world, then corralled it all in one place... that would give you a pretty good idea what the air smells like around here. We got all kinds of critters too. Everything from flea-ridden guards, rabid dogs, and a mechanic doing a stretch for life. I can't forget the rats—yeah we got those! And some pilots who got their wings clipped too. One's a great pilot, but a lousy thief. One's a gambler with no luck. And one's an anarchist with no balls. Their job here was to rev the engines on the fake runways. The idea was for Erusea's spy satellite to pick up the heat-sig. Even though there weren't any real fighters here, it looked like it on their infrared. I bet you're wondering, "if Erusea lost the war, how come they still have a spy satellite?" Cuz someone over there was smart enough to train a bunch of computer nerds to hack into half of Osea's satellites. That's how come. Every now and again, I'd try to bust out. And every single time, those damn dogs would drag me right back. When I was in my cell, I'd hear this voice coming from the guard's room. It was the Erusean princess, rallying her people on the Erusean national broadcast. All us prisoners had become big fans of hers. You wanna hear something funny? The guards were big fans too! I swear to God, every time she was on the air, they'd turn up the volume on the radio and sit there, listening. I could see how someone like her could win the hearts and minds of soldiers and workers alike. When the Princess said something, you could tell she meant every word. Lately, she'd been having more fun with her speeches and that made her seem even more convincing. You could say her charm was like a virus! Whenever she'd point out stuff that was wrong with Osea, the prisoners in here went nuts. Hell.. If anyone knew how messed up Osea was, it was the prisoners. They'd shout, "Burn Osea down!" No way am I just gonna sit here and rot away in this hellhole. Dark blue... Instead of building fake-ass planes to trick Erusea, I'm gonna build one that'll really take off. You can count on that.