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"All planes on the partisan sweep operation. There's been a change of plan. Move to intercept all invading Emmerian aircraft."
― Estovakian Command during the San Loma Assault[2]

Estovakia conducted a partisan sweep operation during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The operation aimed to wipe out radical Emmerian partisans which were impeding Estovakian operations.[2]


In the wake of Estovakia's occupation of Emmerian territory, Emmerian partisans in Tarvo formed resistance movements and attempted to oppose Estovakian rule.[1]


On Febraury 15, 2016, the Estovakian Air Force deployed squadrons of A-10A Thunderbolt IIs to hunt down Emmerian partisans in Tarvo's vicinity.[1]

While a group of Emmerian partisans were holding Melissa Herman and Ludmila Tolstaya at gunpoint, an Estovakian squadron approached them, causing the partisans to open fire. The Estovakian aircraft destroyed the partisan gun trucks and Melissa and Ludmila used the opportunity to escape, being chased by one aircraft.[1]

At some point during the operation the Emmerian military invaded San Loma, prompting Estovakian Command to recall all aircraft to deal with the Emmerian offensive.[2] As a result, Melissa and Ludmila were able to escape their pursuers.[3]


While a number of Emmerian partisans were destroyed, Estovakia did not cease the operation until the Emmerian military commenced the San Loma Assault, meaning there were more resistance groups elsewhere. As a result of the Emmerian victory at San Loma,[2] it is unlikely Estovakia resumed operations in Tarvo.



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