Emmerian partisans

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"She definitely speaks the language–but with a thick Estovakian accent."
― A partisan before taking aim at Ludmila Tolstaya[1]

The Emmerian partisans are a group of pro-Emmerian insurgents of unknown scale that was formed at some point during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. They opposed Estovakia's occupation of Emmerian territory and were known to have operated in Tarvo.[2]


On February 15, 2016,[1] a group of Emmerian partisans stopped Melissa Herman and Ludmila Tolstaya as they were driving down a road in the vicinities of San Loma on their way to the capital Gracemeria. After pulling the two over, the partisans held them at gunpoint as they identified Ludmila's Estovakian accent. However, before they could kill the pair, Estovakian Air Force A-10A Thunderbolt IIs participating in a partisan sweep operation attacked them. The partisans returned fire, but were ultimately killed.[1]

Estovakian Command continued to hunt down cells of partisans across Tarvo, however, when the Emmerian military commenced the San Loma Assault, all Estovakian aircraft were recalled to defend the city.[2]



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