Ludmila Tolstaya

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"Are you really going to sit here and let the skies fall down on these people?"
― Ludmila to Victor Voychek

Ludmila Tolstaya is one of the seven main characters who tell the story of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.


Ludmila is an Estovakian who had been studying medicine in the Kingdom of Nordennavic to become a doctor. During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, she drove over the border into Emmeria and journeyed to Gracemeria to meet up with her fiancée, Toscha Mijasik. On the road she encountered Melissa Herman walking in the same direction, and offered the other woman a ride.

Ludmila seemed not so talkative and her personal life was shrouded with mystery. However, it is known she and Melissa become good friends and shared information.

After the Gracemeria cruise missile attack, she convinced Victor Voychek to disclose the information about the Estovakian superweapon, the Chandelier. After the war, she married her love Toscha in a P.O.W camp with Voychek as their best man.



  • Ludmila is one of the few characters in the Ace Combat franchise to speak a language other than English or Japanese.
  • While heading towards Gracemeria, Ludmila drives what appears to be a Fiat 500.