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The Neutralizing Agent (alternate name "NTRL") is a scenario-specific air-to-ground special weapon featured in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War and Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


The Neutralizing Agent is a purpose-built weapon designed to suppress chemical weapon threats. A type of modified Unguided Bomb, the weapon is designed to be released from an aircraft towards a target. Upon impact, the bomb releases a white-colored chemical substance which neutralizes any chemicals within the blast radius.

Ace Combat 5

When Sudayev Commando Team carried out a chemical terrorist attack in Bana City, Capital District Air Command provided Wardog Squadron with 4 Mirage 2000Ds equipped to deploy canisters containing a neutralizing agent in order to counter the nerve gas threat.

Ace Combat X

Hamlet Unit, a biological warfare Leasath special forces unit, deployed Cynocrine in Santa Elva. A neutralizing agent was developed to counter the threat, however due to time constraint it had to be carried in an unstable delivery canister. If too much force is applied the container could rupture and cause explosion, therefore Gryphus One had to avoid overaccelerating or turning sharply during payload delivery. The neutralizing agent could be equipped to any aircraft of Gryphus One's choice, replacing the aircraft's original special weapon, and were disposed automatically once all gas sites are eliminated.