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Isaac Arensky was an Estovakian soldier and politician who served as Estovakia's Foreign Minister after the Eastern Faction won the Estovakian Civil War. He was stated to be the best friend of Gustav Dvornik, a member of the "Generals" who governed Estovakia.


During the Estovakian Civil War, Arensky served as Air Marshal in the Northern Highlands Faction's Air Force, which opposed the Lyes United Front. Being a close friend of the Eastern Faction's leader Gustav Dvornik eventually led to the assimilation of both warring parties.[1][2]

After the Lyes United Front's defeat on October 29, 2013,[1] he became the postwar government's Foreign Minister, becoming famous locally and abroad for his appeals to the reconstruction of Estovakia, despite tense relations with Prime Minister Jacob Šuker and other cabinet members of the former Eastern Faction. He later appealed to foreign governments to help rebuild Estovakia, prompting Emmerian officials to invite Arensky for a summit in Gracemeria to discuss a renewed aid program.[2]

On November 25, 2013, Arensky traveled by car to Zaurek International Airport to attend the conference. His car came under attack by armed insurgents and he was knocked unconscious by a grenade while trying to abandon the vehicle. He remained in critical condition until his death on December 2, which was covered up by Estovakian authorities.[1][2]

On February 3, 2014, his death was made public and Estovakian authorities claimed that former LUF members were responsible. It was also announced that his position was to be succeeded by Antonina Koznick, a former Eastern Faction Naval Captain, followed by Gustav Dvornik commenting to inherit Arensky's will and continue restoring Estovakia's pride.[1][2]