Jacob Šuker

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Jacob Šuker is an Estovakian politician who served as the Prime Minister of Estovakia from at least November 2013 until at least 2014, formerly being a member of the Eastern Faction.[1]


At some point in his life, Jacob Šuker joined the Eastern Faction. After the Eastern Faction eventually won the Estovakian Civil War in October 2013,[2] and the "Generals" established a new military regime, he became the Prime Minister of the Cabinet by November.[1]

In November, Foreign Minister Isaac Arensky was attacked by insurgents while traveling to Zaurek International Airport for a summit in Emmeria, later dying on December 2. This information was withheld from the public until February 3, 2014. Estovakian authorities asserted that Lyes United Front loyalists were responsible, but Emmerian media speculated that Prime Minister Šuker and other cabinet members could have orchestrated the attack due to allegations of poor relations between Šuker and Arensky.[1]