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FB-22 Strike Raptor

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The FB-22 Strike Raptor (FB-22 Concept or F/B-22 Concept in previous games) is a conceptual attacker variant of the F-22A Raptor. While the F-22A is capable of anti-ground attack, the FB-22 is designed to enhance that capability with increased stealth and a larger payload.

The FB-22 was introduced in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, prior to the real-life design proposal being cancelled. Since then, it only appeared in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception and Ace Combat: Joint Assault before returning to consoles in Ace Combat Infinity. Its latest appearance is in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown as part of the Experimental Aircraft Series DLC.


The FB-22 has only seen limited use in the Strangereal universe. The Yuktobanian Air Force owned one FB-22 flown by the ace pilot "Proteus," who participated in the attack on November City, Osea. He was shot down by Wardog Squadron.[1]

The Leasath Air Force owned at least half a dozen FB-22s during the Aurelian War. One FB-22 squadron was deployed to Sachana Air Base and later provided reinforcement for Leasath forces at the Kalana Steppes. The FB-22's increased stealth allowed the squadron to remain undetected until they reached the battle area, catching the Aurelian Air Force by surprise. Aurelia's Gryphus Squadron shot down the FB-22s.[2]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

"A supersonic stealth fighter based on the F-22 with improved anti-ground capabilities. The new craft has been redesigned with delta wings and a longer fuselage, while keeping the twin high-power engines and stealth body from the original model. A larger wing area now allows for weapons to be mounted beneath the main wings; combined with an expanded weapon bay, this improved fighter now boasts grater heavy bomber capabilities and can endure protracted battles. Its exceptional stealth capabilities and powerful long-range missiles also pose a significant threat to targets beyond visual range, making it a versatile aircraft that can not only suppress ground targets, but can also excel in air defense and acquiring air superiority."

How to Unlock: Acquire the FB-22 Strike Raptor Set (purchase the Experimental Aircraft Series or individual DLC).


Fb-22 stats.jpg


  • GUN x2400 ( on Casual -Easy-/Easy/Normal)
  • MSL x136 ( on Casual -Easy-)
  • XSDB x52
  • LAAM x28
  • SFFS x34
  • FLR x3

Part Slots

BODY: 30
ARMS: 30
MISC: 30


  1. Osea: Air superiority gray
  2. Erusea: Blue and green camouflage
  3. Special: Proteus livery from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War
  4. Mage: Osea skin with Mage Squadron markings
  5. Spare: Osea skin with Spare Squadron markings
  6. Strider: Osea skin with Strider Squadron markings
  7. Flash: Highly reflective skin with no stealth coating; based off of the F-22A -Flash-


Ace Combat Infinity

"A fighter bomber derived from the F-22.
It features a redesigned airframe to improve the stealth and supercruise abilities featured in the prototype. The main wing is made of a delta wing configuration and to increase air-to-ground attack capabilities, its body has extended to expand its weapon bay. The aircraft has been developed as the successor to other large-scale aircraft to sortie on bombing missions."
1 750 673,920 343 132 14 B D B+ C B+ D
2 795 63,180 377 134 16 B+ D+ A C B+ D
3 840 105,300 411 136 18 B+ D+ A+ C A D+
4 885 136,890 445 138 20 18 A D+ A+ C A+ C
5 930 179,010 480 140 22 20 A+ C S C+ A+ C+
6 975 547,560[a] 514 142 24 22 A+ C S C+ A+ B
7 1020 395,930 548 144 26 24 30 S C+ S C+ S A
8 1065 551,780 583 146 28 26 32 S C+ S+ C+ S A+
9 1110 800,280 617 148 29 28 34 S+ B S+ C+ S+ S
10 1155 1,158,300 652 150 30 30 36 S+ B S+ C+ S+ S+
11 1202 2,316,600 686 154 31 31 37 S+ B+ S+ B S+ S+
12 1249 2,063,880 720 158 32 32 38 S+ B+ S+ B S+ S+
13 1296 3,032,640 755 162 33 33 39 S+ A S+ B S+ S+
14 1343 4,254,120 789 166 34 34 40 S+ A+ S+ B+ S+ S++
15 1390 5,180,760 824 170 36 36 42 S++ S S+ B+ S+ S++
16 1456 7,539,480 856 172 37 37 43 S++ S S+ B+ S+ S++
17 1515 8,634,600 888 174 38 38 44 S++ S S++ A S+ S++
18 1574 9,708,660 920 176 39 39 45 S++ S S++ A S++ S++
19 1633 12,404,340 952 178 40 40 46 S++ S+ S++ A+ S++ S+++
20 1692 15,626,520 984 180 42 42 48 S++ S+ S++ A+ S++ S+++
Part Slots
At Lv.1, this aircraft carried 25 BODY, 25 ARMS, and 25 MISC part slots. See Tuning § Slot Expansion for further information.
Upgrading this aircraft to these levels unlocked the respective nicknames for use at any time.
  • Lv.3: Deep Strike
  • Lv.10: Invisible Strike
  • Lv.15: Outsider
  • Lv.20: Triangle of Death

Skin Galleries


Air superiority gray


Ace Combat: Joint Assault

"This aircraft's delta wing design allows for greater weapons payload."

How to Unlock

Complete mission 9: Spotlight - Alpha in a second playthrough. Costs $34,200.





  • C01 : Air Superiority Gray Camouflage
  • C02 : Ferris Camouflage
  • C03 : Mobius Squadron livery
  • C04 : Proteus livery from Ace Combat 5
  • C05 : Black body with sword, shield and wing motif
  • C06 : White body with sword, shield and red wing motif


Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

FB-22 Concept.png
"This aircraft's delta wing design allows for greater weapons payload."

How to Unlock

Complete mission 13A: Alect Squadron. Costs 54,300 credits


ACEX Statistics FB-22.jpg



  • Aurelia: Air superiority gray
  • Leasath: Ferris camouflage
  • Special 1: Mobius One camouflage (Without Mobius Insignia and ISAF logos)
  • Special 2: "Proteus" livery from Ace Combat 5

Named Pilots

  • Orca - Found in Offline. Spawns to the south after mission update if all non-target enemies are destroyed before destroying the last satellite dish.


Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

"A concept attack aircraft based on the F/A-22. Not as capable in aerial combat, but its improved stealth technology and larger payload enable unprecedented air-to-ground attack capabilities."

How to Unlock

The FB-22 is made available for purchase once the Kill Rate Gauge on the F/A-22A is completely filled. Each FB-22 costs Ƶ24,800.


  • Speed: 73
  • Mobility: 73
  • Stability: 89
  • Defense: 78
  • Air-to-Air: 54
  • Air-to-Ground: 99


Named Aces

  • Proteus: Appears in Journey Home in the southeast during the final part of the mission.


  • OS: Air superiority gray
  • RZ: Razgriz black with red tail tips
  • SP: Light blue body with dark blue stripes and a yellow trim



  1. Players could use one Nonstandard Upgrade Request Form instead of credits for the Lv.6 upgrade.