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The F-15S is a fictional aircraft that resembles the F-15 S/MTD. It only appears in Ace Combat 2.


In Ace Combat 2, an F-15S under the control of Zone of Endless fought against Phoenix over Saint Ark when the Usean coup d'état was drawing to a close. The Usean Rebel Forces also fielded the F-15S in their final stand against the Usean Allied Forces at Fortress Intolerance. The F-15S did not appear in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy, but its role in Saint Ark was substituted by the F-15 S/MTD.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 2

"An F-15 with thrust deflection nozzles and canard wings, used as a testing machine for air combat maneuverability research. Because it proved itself extraordinary during tests, it was chosen to be deployed in actual combat."
― NamCollection description

How to Unlock

Complete Campaign Mission 13, Power Play, during extra mode. Costs $250,000.


Power: 90
Defense: 60
Mobility: 80
Stability: 70
Climbing Ability: 100
Air-to-Air: 80
Air-to-Ground: 80
Duration of flight: 20 minutes
Absorbability: Heavy


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