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The XB-10 was an advanced heavy bomber developed in Usea in the 20th century.[1]


The XB-10 was developed some time prior to the Usean coup d'état as an advanced heavy bomber.[1]

Its main design is very similar to the real-world design proposal Senior Peg, made by Lockheed for the ATB (Advanced Technology Bomber) program that ultimately resulted in the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. The XB-10 is an extremely large flying wing with a tailplane that sports vertical stabilizers. The main lifting body is jagged and angular in design, sporting upturned wingtips and stacked hull plating. The vertical stabilizers are attached to a boom extending from the center of the flying wing and are similarly upturned.

Nowhere on the plane is any kind of cockpit visible, implying that it is a COFFIN-enabled opaque-cockpit aircraft like the ADF-01 FALKEN. It has 4 visible exhaust ports, 2 on each side, but no discernible air intakes of any kind anywhere on its body. Its propulsion source is, as such, unclear.

Despite its main role as a bomber, the XB-10 has the ability to carry guns and missiles unlike its contemporaries such as the Bm-335 Lindwurm.[1]


During the Usean coup d'état, the Usean Rebel Forces had obtained these bombers after they had been produced. They were sent to Snider's Top to engage the Scarface Squadron. All deployed units were destroyed.[1]