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Vitoze (ヴィトーツェ市 Vu~itōtsu~e ichi)[2] is a medieval city located in the Brilliante Heights, southwestern Khesed Island.[3]


The city itself is old and surrounded by mountains. Being built during the medieval era, it is almost entirely comprised of buildings featuring red brick roofs and white walls. Throughout the city are beautiful streets and avenues.[2]

East of the city is Campagna Airport,[1] which became a vital asset to Emmerian forces during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The rest of Brilliante Heights is made of rolling hills, with a radar network set across the entire region.[4]


Following the Emmerians' defeats at Gracemeria and San Loma, a large portion of the Emmerian military fled to Khesed Island. Continuing southwest, they would arrive at Vitoze and station themselves at Campagna Airport.[5]

Fully aware of the current state of the Emmerian military, the Estovakian Air Force launched a bombing operation, trying to decisively end the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1] In response, multiple Republic of Emmeria Air Force squadrons were dispatched to intercept and destroy the incoming bombers. The ensuing battle resulted in the Emmerian Air Force successfully preventing the destruction of Campagna Airport and ultimately, Vitoze.[4]


  • Vitoze is based on Italian city of Florence, featuring its numerous cathedral landmarks, distinct Tuscan architecture, and the Arno River.