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The following is a transcript of VR Mission 01, the first VR Mode mission in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Also included is a transcript of the prologue dialogue.


IUN-PKF Commander: Glad you're back with us, Mobius 1. Let's get to it. Free Erusea rebel forces have started making noise again. When the Circum-Pacific War ended, the world's military forces were turned on their heads, giving the rebels access to both plenty of weapons and funding. Over the past few years, they've gone from an unsophisticated terrorist group to an increasing global threat. Usea is still rebuilding under the IUN. We cannot allow war to break out again. That's why I put in the request to have you assigned to the newly-established IUN PKF (International Union Peacekeeping Force). That look in your eyes tells me you haven't lost it. That's what I hoped. Free Erusea has commenced with activities all around the continent. They cannot be allowed to expand their forces. That's where you come in, Mobius 1.


IUN-PKF Commander: Let's begin the briefing. The Peyton Peninsula [sic] radar site to the northwest of us here at Fort Grays has picked up a number of unidentified aircraft. They've ignored all warnings from the IUN PKF and are making their way towards our base. As the IUN has air traffic control over all of Usea, we're almost certain the crafts belong to the Free Eruseans. You guys will scramble immediately, visually identify the aircraft, and then use your radios to order them to land. If attacked, you have permission to engage them in combat. Waste no time destroying them.

Mission Script



  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: 118th Tactical Fighter Wing, this is the Albatross control tower. Do you copy?
  • Omega 11: This is Omega 11. We hear you loud and clear, over.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Mobius 1, you have permission to take off right after Omega 11.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: After takeoff, you'll be under command of the AWACS "Sky Eye." Contact the unidentified aircraft and order them to land.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Wind is 130 degrees at 18 knots. We are good for takeoff.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Omega 11, you are cleared for takeoff.
  • Okay! Go, go go!
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Omega 11, is in the air. Mobius 1, stand by.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Mobius 1, you are cleared for takeoff.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Mobius 1, get to it.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Mobius 1, cleared for takeoff. Let's go.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Altitude restriction lifted.


  • IUN-PKF HQ: Mobius 1, do you copy? You are cleared for takeoff immediately after Omega 11.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Mobius 1, this is Control. The wind direction is 130 degrees at a speed of 18 knots. We are good for takeoff.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Mobius 1, you are cleared for takeoff.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Mobius 1, get that bird in the sky.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: I repeat, you are cleared for takeoff.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: I repeat. Increase thrust and get that plane in the sky.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Mobius 1, takeoff confirmed.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Altitude restriction lifted. Good luck out there.

Background chatter

  • Is it only bombers? Give us some intel.
  • Keep an eye on approaching fighters. If they get close, we're done for.
  • So, this is the guy?
  • Do we know the number of bogies?
  • Increasing alert.
  • Situation report. Something's happening.
  • Multiple bogies inbound! Just sent you their location.
  • Each ship, use your own discretion!

Mission Start

  • Omega 11: I hope this guy's the real deal.
  • AWACS Sky Eye: You'll find out if he is soon enough. Everyone will.

Approaching the bogies

  • AWACS Sky Eye: We're picking up several unidentified aircraft. Omega 11, try contacting them via radio.
  • Omega 11: Unidentified aircraft, this is the IUN-PKF...
  • Omega 11: Unidentified aircraft has a radar lock on us!
  • Omega 11: Bandits fired!
  • AWACS Sky Eye: The unidentified aircraft are confirmed hostile. Weapons free. Engage.
  • ! AWACS Sky Eye !: Don't let them near the base!
  • Omega 11: Wilco.

Shooting down one escort

  • Free Erusean Fighter: Dammit! We lost somebody!

Shooting down two escorts

  • Free Erusean Fighter: They're moving so fast! Bones 2, respond!
  • Free Erusean Fighter: Bones 2! Damn it!

Shooting down all escorts

  • Omega 11: Nice.

Hitting the bombers

  • Free Erusean Bomber: We're too heavy to maneuver! I can't get away!
  • Free Erusean Bomber: One on my tail! Need AA!
  • Free Erusean Bomber: I'm hit! I'm hit!

After both bombers are down

  • If both bombers were shot down before all escorts
    • AWACS Sky Eye: Bombers confirmed destroyed!
    • Free Erusean Fighter: Bones, withdraw.
  • If all escorts then both bombers were shot down
    • AWACS Sky Eye: Enemy destroyed.
    • Omega 11: Awww yeah! That was amazing!
  • Viper 2: This is Viper 2. I've arrived and am aware of the situation.
  • AWACS Sky Eye: Viper 2 and Rapier 1, assist Mobius 1.
  • AWACS Sky Eye: All aircraft, rejoin formation.
  • Omega 11: You're new here so I'll fill you in. This guy's the real deal.
  • Viper 2: I can't stand old-timer pilots.
  • Omega 11: Such candor. Haven't you said too much?
  • Viper 2: I'll be the judge of that.
  • ! AWACS Sky Eye !: We're picking up something new on radar.
  • If both bombers were shot down before all escorts
    • Free Erusean Fighter: Our reinforcements are here. We got the upper hand now.
    • Free Erusean Fighter: Roger.
  • If all escorts then both bombers were shot down
    • Free Erusean Fighter: We have lost all of Bones Squadron.
    • Free Erusean Fighter: Do we keep going?
    • Free Erusean Fighter: The enemy's en route.
  • Omega 11: Viper 2, can you look after yourself for a bit?
  • Viper 2: I'll watch your backs too.

Shooting down the first Mirage

  • AWACS Sky Eye: Mobius 1, enemy down.

Shooting down the second Mirage

  • Free Erusean Fighter: Hey, did you see the ribbon emblem?
  • AWACS Sky Eye: Something just came up on our radar. Looks like enemy reinforcements.
  • Viper 2: Half remaining.

Shooting down the third Mirage

  • Omega 11: Mobius 1 again?!
  • Viper 2: Omega 11, pay attention. Stop staring at Mobius 1.

All Mirages down

  • Omega 11: Viper 2, it looks like you're running out of targets.
  • Viper 2: Will you be okay without me?

Approaching the final reinforcements

  • Free Erusean Fighter: We have to do this, for Erusea's sake.
  • Free Erusean Fighter: Find the leader!

Two targets left

  • Free Erusean Fighter: Now it's just us!
  • Free Erusean Fighter: We're being eaten!

All targets down

  • If all targets but not all escorts are shot down
    • AWACS Sky Eye: The remaining Free Eruseans are withdrawing. Victory is ours.
  • If all enemies on the map are shot down
    • AWACS Sky Eye: We're not picking up anything on radar. Mission accomplished. Good work.
  • Omega 11: Well, I'll be... He's the real deal all right.
  • Viper 2: You know from fighting just once?
  • AWACS Sky Eye: Watch all you like. There will be more battles.
  • AWACS Sky Eye: Until then, we rest. Return to base.

If enemy targets get close to the base

  • ! AWACS Sky Eye !: You're behind on target kills.
  • ! AWACS Sky Eye !: There's an enemy unit approaching the base. Take it out.

If the base gets attacked

  • ! IUN-PKF Base !: We're taking enemy fire! We need air support!
  • ! IUN-PKF Base !: Send for help! The base is falling!
  • IUN-PKF Base: We're being bombed! Everybody, take shelter! Don't get caught out in the open!
  • IUN-PKF Base: Taking fire! Base operability is declining rapidly!



  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: This is the Albatross control tower.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: AWACS "Sky Eye," we'll take it from here.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Landing confirmed. Excellent landing. Nice job, Mobius 1.
  • Aircraft Carrier Controller: Nice work. Now, go and get some rest before your next sortie.


  • Control Tower: This is the control tower at Fort Grays.
  • Control Tower: AWACS "Sky Eye," we'll take it from here, over.
  • Control Tower: Landing confirmed. Nice job, Mobius 1. That was a thing of beauty.
  • Control Tower: Nice work. Now, go and get some rest before your next sortie.


IUN-PKF Commander: Thanks to your efforts, the unidentified aircraft was taken down. You've helped us make it clear that it belonged to Free Erusea. I have some guys looking into the enemy's motivations. I'm afraid it's looking like things could get pretty ugly. For now, Mobius looks to have delayed the enemy's plans. We need a closer eye on the enemy's movements, and you should be ready to move out at any moment.


  1. The English subtitles add the word "the" here.