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This page includes a transcript of "Charge the Enemy", the 2nd campaign mission of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


Erusea has made a declaration to the Osean Federation and all countries on the Usean continent stationing the IUN Peacekeeping Force... that we are now at war. Right after the declaration was made, surprise attacks began around the continent that have inflicted major damage to our armed forces. Forces aligned with Erusea are currently appearing throughout Usea. The combination of these forces has overwhelmed the majority of the continent, and are now encroaching on us in the east. Additionally, the multi-national space elevator has been seized by the Erusean military. After the previous war, the space elevator became both a symbol of peace and a valuable asset in the fight against growing energy concerns. Whoever has control of it will have enormous influence over the entire continent. We cannot turn a blind eye to this critical situation. The Fort Grays Air Base Squadron has been entered into the order of battle to reclaim the an advance element. First, you will attack all hostiles coming in the east of Scofield Plateau to stop any interference with the allied ground troops. The enemy has deployed several vehicles equipped with anti-air radar along the roads. You are to destroy them. They should not pose much of a threat. However, there is a high likelihood that the attack will draw more enemy air support. If that happens, fight them off swiftly and establish air superiority.

Mission Script[edit]

Mission Start[edit]

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Current target is on rails, but there're still military vehicles and anti-air weaponry.
  • ! AWACS Sky Keeper !: Destroy the target.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: But HQ has made it clear that no harm should come to civilians and no damage is to be done to public facilities.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: But, any aircraft shot down could land in civilian territory.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: No point arguing. That's how war is these days.
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Do you have visual on the anti-air radar vehicles? They should be close.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Yup.
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Intercept! Fire the AA! Get the radar vehicle out of there!
  • Erusean Base: Shit! Where are the damn interceptors?!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: It's an air raid! We're being attacked by enemy aircraft!
  • Erusean Engineer: We're using the containers now! Those weapons are meant for tactical flexibility!
  • Erusean Ground Unit: The radar vehicles are under fire! Can't we move them?
  • Mage 1 Clown: It's poppin' off now, Trigger. The war has officially begun.
  • Mage 1 Clown: The enemy is barely resisting. This is easy money, so grab it while you can.
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Where's our support?! If we don't get some fighters soon, the whole base is gone!.
  • Erusean Ground Unit: What the hell do you mean the nearest air base hasn't got any fighters?!
  • Erusean Base: We don't have any anti-air weaponry in place yet! We can't put up a decent fight!

After the player destroys the one Radar Vehicle

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Vehicle down!

After two Radar Vehicles are destroyed

  • Erusean Ground Unit: The anti-air radar vehicle's been destroyed! They're going for the radar car!
  • Mage 1 Clown: They've got their anti-air guns aimed right at us.

After three Radar Vehicles are destroyed

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Target destroyed. Five to go.
  • Erusean Ground Unit: Get the fighters out there! Protect the radar vehicle!

After four Radar Vehicles are destroyed

  • Erusean Ground Unit: Requesting permission to move the vehicle!
  • Erusean Base: We can't wait any longer! We need interceptors now!

After five Radar Vehicles are destroyed

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Target destroyed. Three to go. Continue to engage at your discretion. Enemy interceptors inbound! Prepare to engage in 30 seconds.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Wilco. Here they come.
  • Mage 1 Clown: Take them down.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Okay, recruits. Pay attention to who's on what side. The newest IFF is connected to our entire force via satellites. It's reliable, so trust your radars.

After six Radar Vehicles are destroyed

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Two targets remaining.
  • Erusean Base: That radar was just about to go online! We pushed the plan forward too fast. The base was too far from allied territory!

After seven Radar Vehicles are destroyed

  • Mage 1 Clown: Trigger, there's one more to go!

After all eight Radar Vehicles are destroyed

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: That was the last radar vehicle! Great work!
  • Erusean Fighter: Pull the enemy aircraft away from the base!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Radar vehicles destroyed but the interceptor shows no sign of retreating. Take it out. Continue with the mission.
  • ! AWACS Sky Keeper !: Crush as many as you can.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Enemy transports are taxiing.
  • Erusean Engineer: No, they're not linked to the radar vehicles! Launch manually! Redo the setup! Here's some feedback for those war merchants! Write your manuals in a language we can understand!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: All aircraft, residential area is below you.[note 1]
  • Erusean Ground Unit: APCs have nowhere to hide!

If the player destroys the base's control tower

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: All right! This base is worth destroying!

If the player pursues an enemy into clouds

  • Erusean Fighter: Enemy has entered clouds! In pursuit!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: The clouds don't just affect your filed of vision; they also mess with your HUD and radar. The seekers can sometimes lose their lock-on to their targets too.

After the player shoots down a fighter

  • Erusean Fighter: Only aim over clear ground.
  • Erusean Fighter: Skoll 3! You have to bail out now!
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Golem 1! Enemy will crash into residential area!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Just worry about staying alive for now.
  • Erusean Fighter: They've got the numbers and the strength.

After the player destroys two C-17s

  • Mage 1 Clown: Enemy transport destroyed. There's more.

When the player destroys the C-17 carrying Helios

  • Mage 1 Clown: Huh?!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Keep your mind focused!

After the player destroys all three C-17s

  • Mage 1 Clown: All transports destroyed! But what were they carrying?

When five TGTs remain

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Five targets remaining.
  • Erusean Fighter: The base is wrecked.

When four TGTs remain

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Four targets remaining.

When three TGTs remain

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Three targets remaining.

When two TGTs remain

  • Erusean Engineer: Launch preparations complete! Bolts are free! Whenever you're ready! Stand clear 15 meters! UAVs ready for launch! Away!

Mid-mission Cutscene[edit]

  • Erusean Engineer: Away!

Checkpoint 2-1[edit]

  • Golem 1 Knocker: What happened?! Status report!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: Multiple bogeys on radar! They're close!
  • Mage 1 Clown: Wait... they're being launched!
  • ! AWACS Sky Keeper !: You're cleared to engage! They're probably hostile!
  • Mage 1 Clown: Judgin' by the way they look and move, they've gotta be drones!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Well spotted, Clown. No doubt about it, we're dealing with UAVs. But that doesn't change a thing. Just think of them as somewhat clever decoys. Take them all down! These drones have great agility. All aircraft, you know what high-G turns are, right? Use them. HQ, this is Golem 1. Bandits confirmed as UAVs. Repeat. Bandits are drones.
  • IUN-PKF HQ: Golem 1, that doesn't matter. Destroy all enemy fighters and get out.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: It doesn't matter?
  • Mage 1 Clown: He's saying, "The war can change in an instance. Get over it."
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Yeah, I just wish they'd just give us a bit more warning.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Don't try to read their movements!
  • Golem 1 Knocker: The enemy knows a few moves, but that's about it. Just chase them down and pull the trigger.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Once you hit one of them, stick to 'em like glue. Don't let them out of your sights, even in the clouds.
  • Golem 3 Boggard: So, drones don't feel the G-force, huh?

After the player shoots down two MQ-99s

  • Mage 1 Clown: Enemy UAV destroyed. Hell yeah.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: Golem Squadron, you're not going to let Mage get all the glory, are you?
  • Golem 2 Brownie: Three enemies to go.

After three MQ-99s are downed

  • Golem 1 Knocker: I'm buying dinner for anyone who takes down an enemy.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: There's a bar I want to try.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: You're doing good.
  • Mage 1 Clown: .......... Just two more!

After four MQ-99s are downed

  • AWACS Sky Keeper: One to go! Let's get through this without any casualties!
  • Mage 1 Clown: Trigger, don't let them give you the runaround. Take them down one at a time.

After all MQ-99s are downed

  • Golem 2 Brownie: Nice kill, Trigger! Enemy aircraft confirmed down!
  • AWACS Sky Keeper: The skies are clear. Nice work, everyone. Mission complete. RTB.


  • Golem 1 Knocker: No casualties. We couldn't have done any better. Returning to base.
  • Golem 2 Brownie: I don't know. Maybe the bandits we took down caused civilian casualties.
  • Mage 1 Clown: No point arguin'. That's how war is these days.
  • Golem 1 Knocker: You shoot, someone gets killed. The guys in charge take care of the rest.


You've given us air superiority by destroying their radar. The first barrier keeping us from retaking the space elevator is gone. Now is the time to group up and begin the counteroffensive. Let us reclaim what is ours.


  1. This line is not subtitled.