The Round Table

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For the places with the same nickname, see Area B7R, Belka and Area B7R, Nevada.

"This is the Round Table. Dead men's words hold no meaning."
Larry Foulke

"The Round Table" (円卓) is the third campaign mission in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. The player must infiltrate Area B7R for the first time and shoot down the pilots stationed there.

"The Round Table" is the first mission in Ace Combat Zero to feature ace squadron encounters, along with the consequences of the Ace Style system.

Briefing[edit | edit source]

Head Operations has issued an emergency order for a reconnaissance mission to be conducted near the border. You will be monitoring the airspace B7R currently under Belkan control. Strong opposition is expected by enemy squadrons, and the presence of a magnetic field has been detected, which may interfere with communications. In short, this will not be a walk in the park. The B7R airspace is located above an area rich in subterranean resources, where many conflicts have been fought in the past. You're authorized to engage enemy planes upon contact. The time has come for your skills to be tested.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Initial[edit | edit source]

When the player spawns, they will be at different altitudes depending on their Ace Style: 390 meters for Mercenary, 1171 meters for Soldier, and 3906 meters for Knight. The player will also be surrounded by eight enemy bandits. Their formation will depend on the player's Ace Style, but none of these bandits are mission-important. The only thing the player has to do to continue the mission is fly northwest into B7R airspace.

Mission Update[edit | edit source]

Once the player enters B7R airspace, a Belkan ace squadron marked as TGT will appear. The player will complete the mission once they shoot down the ace squadron.

Enemy Lists[edit | edit source]

The following enemy lists are taken from the Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Perfect Guide Book.[1]

Standard Units[edit | edit source]

Section Unit Points Count Difficulty Other Notes
Initial Icon-AirEnemy.svg F-4E 180 4 Very Easy/Easy
240 4 Normal/Hard
300 4 Expert/Ace
Icon-AirEnemy.svg MiG-21bis 170 4 Very Easy/Easy
220 4 Normal/Hard
280 4 Expert/Ace
Mission Update Icon-AirTGT.svg Typhoon "Rot" 2400 4 Mercenary Ace Style
Icon-AirTGT.svg F/A-18C "Grun" 1680 4 Soldier Ace Style
Icon-AirTGT.svg JAS-39C "Indigo" 2040 4 Knight Ace Style

Special Units[edit | edit source]

AR # Unit Points Campaign
Ace Style Notes
Icon-AirEnemy.svg 014 X-29A "Tausend" 1150 Normal Mercenary [note 1]
Icon-AirEnemy.svg 019 Tornado GR.4 "GrauFalk 1" 1310 Normal Soldier [note 1]
Icon-AirEnemy.svg 020 Tornado GR.4 "GrauFalk 2" 1310 Normal Soldier [note 1]
Icon-AirEnemy.svg 025 F-16XL "Amsel" 1280 Normal Knight [note 1]

S Rank[edit | edit source]

The S rank requirement for this mission depends on the player's Ace Style:[1]

  • 10,960 points for Mercenary
  • 8,080 points for Soldier
  • 9,520 points for Knight

The player must destroy as many of the non-TGT bandits as possible. On easier difficulties, they must destroy all of these bandits for the S rank. It's recommended to do so before entering B7R airspace, since the enemy ace squadron will make engaging the other enemies more difficult.

Debriefing[edit | edit source]

Mercenary[edit | edit source]

Well done. I'll make sure Head Operations hears about how you defeated an elite squad of enemy Typhoons. Now go rest up. You've earned it.

Soldier[edit | edit source]

Thanks to your success, we managed to confuse Belka. You've caught the attention of Head Operations.

Knight[edit | edit source]

It seems B7R is more heavily guarded than we thought. If it wasn't for you, this ploy of ours probably would have failed. Keep up the good work.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even though the mission commander states that the magnetic field in B7R may interfere with communications in the briefing, all characters can communicate perfectly.
  • "The Round Table" is one of the few missions in which aircraft are identified by name, as Pixy mentions the name of each ace squadron's aircraft when their respective encounter begins.
    • Also, when fighting Indigo Team for a while, one of the pilots will say, "He knows how to fly an Eagle," referring to Pixy and his plane.

Footnotes[edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 These aces only show up if the player shoots down four of the optional targets within the first five minutes of the mission.

References[edit source]