Survival Missions

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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Survival Missions are special missions in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. Like Extra Missions, they are unlocked by completing the corresponding campaign missions. Similar to Arcade Mode, special targets can be shot down for additional time or weapon ammo.

Missions list

Mission 1

Survival Mission 1

Based on: City on Fire

S rank conditions: Score 20430 within 5:00

Phoenix must destroy multiple air, sea and ground targets at Anchorhead.

Mission 2

Based on: Groupies

S rank conditions: Score 6660 within 5:00

Phoenix must escort Dryman through Mount Lambert

Mission 3

Based on: St. Elmo's Fire

S rank conditions: Score 8340 within 5:00

Phoenix must escort the 4th Fleet through the Payton Channel

Mission 4

Based on: El Dorado

S rank conditions: Score 8620 within 8:00

Phoenix must destroy missile silos at Faith Park

Mission 5

Based on: Tin Castle

S rank conditions: Score 4130

Phoenix must destroy a rebel base at Amber Mountains

Mission 6

Based on: Opera House

S rank conditions: Score 20000 within 5:00

Phoenix must destroy all the rebels' oil facilities at Opera House