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Faith Park Gorge, or simply Faith Park, is a canyon region located near Bulgurdarest in eastern Usea. The region has been involved in many Usean conflicts throughout its history.


Faith Park is a barren desert area defined by its prominent geological formations, including mesas, ravines and steep canyons, some of which extend thousands of feet below sea level. These canyons vary from extremely narrow (barely wide enough for aircraft to fly through)[1] to much wider, flatter expanses, which are accessible to ground forces, aircraft, and facilities.[2]

Following the impact of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid in 1999, Faith Park was one of many regions terraformed by the impacting fragments; Mackenzie Crater[3] is one of the area's most notable impact sites.[1] Due to the lack of rainfall in Faith Park, geologists studying the site believe that, compared to other impact craters around the world, Mackenzie will not erode for several thousand years.[3]


Usean coup d'état

During the Usean coup d'état, the missile silos located in Faith Park were seized by the Usean Rebel Forces. The anti-government paramilitary group planned to use the silos to launch ballistic missile attacks against key Usean cities. In response, the Usean Allied Forces hacked into the missile network to halt the launch and deployed fighters to physically destroy the silos. If the player chooses to play El Dorado in Ace Combat 2 or in Assault Horizon Legacy, Scarface Squadron will be the fighter squadron sent to destroy the silos. The Allied Forces were ultimately successful in preventing the missiles' launch.[2]

Continental War

At some point in time, solar-power generator plants were constructed in the vicinity of Mackenzie Crater. As Erusea invaded and occupied the entire Usean mainland, the Erusean military's energy consumption grew exponentially. By the end of 2004, Faith Park was providing 60% of the power for Erusea's military industrial complexes.[1]

On December 16, 2004, the Independent State Allied Forces launched a risky operation to destroy these power plants, thereby weakening the Eruseans' war efforts. The mission called for ISAF squadrons to destroy critical facilities (such as the solar collector arrays) from the air. Despite the pilots successfully disabling the installation, the operation's airspace was within range of Stonehenge, which opened fire on them. Most of the ISAF airmen, including Mobius 1, escaped the area by flying at low altitude within the narrow ravines; several others, however, were killed by Stonehenge's concussive fire.[1]

Sometime between the liberation of San Salvacion and August 15, 2005, Faith Park was liberated by ISAF forces.

Intercorporate War

During Simon Orestes Cohen's simulated conflict between Neucom Incorporated and General Resource Limited, a series of simulated disputes (circa 2040) escalated when the creation of the X-49 Night Raven, General Resource's cutting-edge experimental mainframe, was announced. Each time Cohen ran his simulation, the dispute over Faith Park's territory remained the opening battle of a war between the two multinational conglomerates.[4]