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"Pay attention pilot!"
― Rasmussen to Grendel 1[1]

General Rasmussen was a high-ranking officer in the Nordennavic Royal Air Force. He trained and commanded Grendel Squadron, overseeing their accomplishments throughout their numerous covert operations.[1]

After Grendel 1 succeeded in destroying the Giant Antlion, ultimately allowing the Emmerian military to approach and destroy the Chandelier, he awarded Grendel 1 with the Star of Valor.[1]


On September 3, 1999, Rasmussen oversaw the training of the pilot who would become Grendel 1, before assigning him to Grendel Squadron. Following this, the General would oversee the progress of Grendel throughout their covert deployments during the Usean Refugee Dispute, Continental War, Circum-Pacific War, Estovakian Civil War and Emmeria-Estovakia War.[1]

On April 1, 2016, Rasmussen relayed information regarding the Estovakian anti-air defense system Giant Antlion to Grendel 1. After Grendel 1 returned to Nordennavic following the destruction of Giant Antlion, he awarded the pilot with the Star of Valor for "distinguished service in the defense of the Kingdom of Nordennavic and for unwavering courage in combat".[1]



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