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"I met him above this very sky. I can still hear the sound of the missile alerts from that day."
― Altman discussing Operation Constantine, Warriors and the Belkan War[3]

Rainer Altman, callsign Schreiben,[1] is a novelist and former ace pilot of the Belkan Air Force's Gelb Team. He and his squadron leader, Orbert Jager, were collectively known as "The Coupled Cormorants" during the Belkan War.[citation needed]


Altman was born in the Belkan Federation in 1973. During his military career, he began writing a novel.[1]

During the early days of the Belkan War, Altman and Jager flew interception missions along Belka's line of defense. The two flew multiple sorties per day with minimal maintenance between each sortie[3] but still managed considerable kill scores.[1]

On May 13, 1995, Altman and Jager were immediately sent from a previous sortie to Directus, Ustio during the Allied Forces' operation to liberate the city. They arrived late to the area and the city had already been liberated, but they nonetheless engaged with the Allied Forces' Galm Team. Galm shot down both pilots, killing Jager and forcing Altman to eject;[4] Altman was saved by a local woman and her daughter; he later married the woman after she lost her husband in the war and moved into her home in Directus.[1]

After the war, Altman released his finished novel and received critical acclaim.[1] In September 2005, he was interviewed by Osean reporter Brett Thompson as part of his documentary Warriors and the Belkan War.[3] Altman later began work on a sequel to his best-selling novel.[1]