Warriors and the Belkan War

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A Belkan military recruitment poster featured in one of the documentary's title cards

Warriors and the Belkan War is a 2005 OBC documentary produced and narrated by Brett Thompson. The program explores the events of the Belkan War through the exploits of a mysterious mercenary pilot who helped shape its outcome.

Format and content

The documentary consists of recorded interviews with several ace pilots who encountered the mercenary firsthand interspersed with voice-overs of Thompson discussing the war's defining moments,[1] such as the liberation of Ustio[2] and the tragedy of Belka's seven nuclear detonations on June 6, 1995.[3] Thompson also includes clips of the war's contemporary news coverage pulled from the OBC's archives.[1]

Although the documentary's narrative follows the story of the mysterious mercenary known as the "Demon Lord of the Round Table", Thompson was unable to locate him for an interview.[1] Instead, the documentary features interviews with various veteran pilots from the combatant nations, including his former wingman, Larry Foulke. Through the stories of these pilots, Thompson is able to reveal some of the motivations and ideologies behind the conflict, as well as several previously classified postwar engagements with a militant extremist group known as "A World With No Boundaries".


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  • The interviews that comprise the documentary change based on the player's current Ace Style and, consequently, the ace squadrons that the player has encountered.
  • The timetable in Aces At War: A History 2019 on page 142 erroneously states that OBC television network broadcasted the documentary on September 26, 2005, before Larry Foulke had been interviewed. The OBC promo cards list "23 March", probably indicating a 2006 airdate.